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Just days after we suggested that Google should perhaps hire financial guru Jim Cramer, who should turn up on Cramer’s Mad Money show? None other than the Google CEO Eric Schmidt!

No talk of a job offer for Cramer, but Schmidt did answer a bunch of questions. The VentureBeat guys have a great summary and transcript from the CNBC segment. Here are a few of my favorite Schmidt statements.

  • “We will make more money from mobile advertising,” Schmidt said when asked about the possibility of mobile computing taking off. The thought is that advertising on mobile platforms will be much more highly targeted than it currently is on the desktop.
  • On the recent Gmail outage: “That was a screw up. We fixed that. We’re not perfect,” Schmidt said.
  • Cramer asked if Google would ever put advertisements on its homepage. Schmidt noted this could bring the company “some number of billions of dollars,” but said it would not happen because people don’t want ads there.
  • “I never worry about Microsoft,” Schmidt said in wrapping up his thoughts.

You can watch the interview here.

  • Not another Schmidt interview!
    “I never worry about Microsoft” – of course not, there’s enough stuff to worry about in his own backyard.
    I, on the other hand, read with some uneasiness his statement about mobile ads being ‘more targeted’.

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  • I thought this was a great interview with Mr. Schmidt……he was very open and candid concerning Google and the marketplace.

  • Not shocking. There’s nothing to worry about even if they did team up with Yahoo.

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  • Great, at least willing not to get ads on home page. I will hate the most on that but can’t avoid as long as google gives me the quality search result links. I think i have gone more into digging behavior on the serps than what i was doing before 5 years. I wonder if it is a change in behavior or the result shown to me.

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  • PS3

    Not surprised really. Google have too much power that they can’t be stopped now.

  • Frank Reed

    To me this was a great interview. The best part is that they (Google) actually understand and live by the fact that the modern system of “quarterly results” is borderline idiotic. Much of the corporate scandal of the past ten years can be directly (or at the very least indirectly) pointed to the ridiculous notion that large companies can make significant changes and see significant growth in a 3 month period. It’s just not realistic but we will create huge emotional trading cycles based on a system that does not even begin to mirror the realities of the marketplace. If more companies had the nerve to step up to analysts and tell them they are not being reasonable maybe we wouldn’t see the severe highs and lows that have marked our economic landscape for the past quarter century plus.

  • Why worry about a huge organization that builds products with problems?

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  • Google never worry about Microsoft but when Microsoft will merge with Yahoo and form Microhoo…

    Google will be having nightmares!

  • @FreePPCTraffic

    I don’t think anything Yahoo and Micrsoft do will change for Google. Google’s market share is too big. Old people Google, young people Google. That’s what will have to change for there to be any difference.

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  • Google is too big and powerful organization to worry about somebody or something

  • Google will(and is) control(ing) the world

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  • Google rocks!

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  • then why did Google took measures to prevent the Yahoo-Microsoft merger…..

  • Google should never worry about microsoft. Google is like the king of the web. So even if there was a microsoft+yahoo, google should not worry at all.

    And I hope google never puts ads on their homepage like they promised. But that could make them a billion dollars eh?

  • This was a very good interview……..I love Cramer.

  • I saw this interview and enjoyed it very much…….quite informative