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Google Insights for Search is like candy for Internet marketers fascinated with Google. It will surely lead to hours of searching and plotting. We are very interested in getting more information about how, why, and when people search the web. Google Trends was already useful but Google Insights gives much more information.

If you run a paid search campaign, or if you’re looking for ideas for a press release, or figuring out where the bulk of your customers come from, Insights could be particularly insightful.

I typed in “fundraising” and found that Vermont is the state with the most searches and the top search relating to fundraising is “fundraising ideas.” Here are some more ways you can use Google Insights for Search.

You can look at information by category (like sports), seasonality (see when people are searching for what you sell), and compare search volume across regions and cities. You can also download everything into a spreadsheet.

While Internet marketers will be interested (see this post from Search Engine Land) the service could used by many professionals. “Economists, financial analysts and sociologists can use it in their research. Etymologists can even track word data to observe the evolution of language.” – Marketing Vox.

If you’re launching a new company online, you ought to see what kind of demand there is. Or, if you want to see where to focus your marketing, Google Insights for Search is a great tool to do that too.