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Today’s Pilgrim’s Picks are actually a Linky Goodness, because we all miss Jordan–and it’s been far too long since we had some LG.

  • AOL has acquired Socialthing, an aggregator of social media feeds. I’m guessing it couldn’t afford the more popular FriendFeed.
  • Speaking of defamation lawsuits, a journalist tried to sue Google for $50 million because he didn’t like the comments written by a local college professor. Why did he sue Google? No one knows–which explains why it was kicked out court.
  • Interesting observation at the end of a recent post by Lenovo’s David Churbuck. Are Beijing Olympics guests in high-end hotels bypassing China’s strict web filtering? It appears Google believes his hotel is actually in Hong Kong. Strange.
  • Want some tips on growing your blog? How about how to set up your RSS feedreader? I share some advice in a podcast interview with Jack Humphrey.
  • Lastly, some Friday fun. If you’re a Twitter addict, you’ll love the parody videos Rae Hoffman has posted to her site.

  • Otilia Otlacan

    Do we know the price for Socialthing?
    Has anybody seen this as work and can comment, as it’s still in closed beta and I [clearly] don’t have an account?

    Otilia Otlacan’s last blog post..Second Quarter 2008 Financials: Good Growth for Most Internet Companies

  • Fifty Studio

    A great moment in the U.S. legal system. Some are “not so great,” but this one is awesome.

    Fifty Studio’s last blog post..Win Batman Dark Knight tickets

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Yeah, I saw the lawsuit story – ridiculous. Wasn’t it 50 BILLION? Either way, the guy is out of his mind and I’m glad he got his ass handed to him!

    Nick Stamoulis’s last blog post..Blog Software News: Movable Type Goes Social

  • Jack Humphrey

    re: socialthing and AOL

    Just goes to show it’s always worth having a second tier service to the hottest one. You can always sell it to AOL!

    Jack Humphrey’s last blog post..By: Jack Humphrey

  • Nicole Price

    Yes the claim was for 50 billion and the judge slapped a cost to be paid to Google of $12,000/ for frivolous litigation. Good that the courts are now taking such stands.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Planning a Vacation?

  • Nicole Price

    Andy, I really feel sorry for you. Poor you, having to commute so much and so early in the morning. Fascinating insight into how you work. Great interview.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Planning a Vacation?

  • San Nayak

    I feel bad that $12,000 fine is removed now.

    I work for a PR company where one of our client, a bike company was sued by an old woman because she fall from her bike and broke her leg. WoW, I will collide with BMW and sue the company if I stay alive. Funny..

    San Nayak’s last blog post..A Must Watch Video for Inspiration by Professor Randy Pausch – Last Lecture

  • Ashley

    yep, it is would be funny indeed

  • Goran Web Design

    Why the hell did this journalist sue Google and not the professor? Some people are really weird.

  • Symbian

    Socialthing proves that you may success making clones.

    Symbian’s last blog post..Free VoIP Symbian app Fring now on Nokia E71

  • Webmaster’s Forum

    the parody videos are aweseome…