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There’s a classic comedy skit from Eddie Izzard about England getting taken by surprise by the Germans in World War II. He suggests that Germany had a head start on building weapons, and England? Well, I’ll let him explain:

"Get the tanks out! Get the…we haven’t got any tanks? Then get that ice cream van out there! Get it out there! Kill! All right, f*** it. ( mimes making ice cones and throwing them ) F*** off! Everything! Just throw everything at them! Just…that’s not…harder! Orange fruities! And Zooms! Throw the Zooms! F*** off, you b***ards! Pots and pans! Get pots…just throw the pots and pans at them!"

It’s a very niche style of humor.

Why am I a bringing this up? Well, forget any comparison of the battle between Google and Microsoft, with WWII. My point is that Microsoft is throwing whatever it can lay its hands on, at Google. The latest evidence is the upcoming Internet Explorer 8–being built with a few tricks to try and knee-cap Google.

"We didn’t design this with Google in mind," insists Internet Explorer head Dean Hachamovitch.

The new browser comes with a search box in the upper right-hand corner and, just below that, a row of tiny logos for various search destinations, such as Yahoo, Ebay and MySpace. You can select which destinations you want to include here…Another Google-dodging feature in the new browser: Highlighting a street address on a Web page launches a map, with the default set to Microsoft’s Live Maps (though you can change this default to Google Maps).

Will it be enough? Not on its own–especially as Mozilla’s Firefox continues to eat away at IE’s market share. But, if Microsoft can throw enough pots and pans new products at Google, maybe it can at least prevent Google from reaching 100% search share.

What do you think? Will IE8 help Microsoft in its battle with Google?

  • Good comparison! I found it humorous. Perhaps WWIII? 🙂

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  • Suhmayah

    How is IE8 going to help? How many people have downloaded IE7? For the most part most people who have it are people who bought a new windows pc with it built in or the more IT inclined people. Well if were going there, most IT inclined people will be on Firefox. However that’s just my opinion based on what I see in the UK and most of continental Europe.

  • Great stuff! Love the comparison 🙂

  • Here we go again. Google and Microsoft. Dad’s Army

  • Good strategy. Such competition will keep everyone on their toes and all of us lesser mortals will benefit with the choices left to us!

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  • Well that was a humorous comparison between WWII and google vs microsoft. I think that microsoft will not be able to beat google with internet explorer 8. They cannot still beat the search world even if they put a search box on the upper right hand corner of another windows 🙂

  • I love the new feature for IE8. It is great that we as consumers can finally have control over these sneaky companies that are mining information from us. I do not know if it will increase their search share but cudos to them for orinality.

  • Although I believe it will help Microsoft initially I don’t see it as an end solution. More and more users are using Firefox as their default browser[side]. In my line of work I fix peoples computers a lot and step 1 is convincing them to use Firefox from now on. So many people complain about ads, viruses, popups, and more but with Firefox these problems stop almost 99% of the time. My clients are always amazed with Firefox and it’s flexibility and they almost never use IE again.[/side] Back to the point. Like I said some people will still use IE initially but, I firmly believe that Firefox will one day take over the internet browser market. Also, with free alternatives to Microsoft’s market such as using Linux as your OS or using instead of MS office I really think MS is in trouble in the near future unless they can come up with new revenue streams.

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  • I’d love to hear/see that Eddie Izzard performance. Any idea where I could find it?

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  • Haha, that performance looks hilarious
    I love FireFox – (IE frustrates me)

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  • “Will IE8 help Microsoft in its battle with Google?” – nop, not even if Jerry Seinfeld promotes it!

  • Jerry Seinfeld.. IE8 cannot help microsoft even if angelina and brad adopts it.

  • So Microsoft is a Cross-dressing Camp Comedian?

    But dont forget it WAS the ice cream cone who came out on top. Can you see a surrender any time soon form the Germans. I mean Google sorry!! Got carried away

  • For me I always feel pity to Microsoft, such a giant years ago but now, google seems to be much stronger.

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  • When will this Google vs Microsogt end? But then again I don’t mind it because I’m all for Google. It’s about time Microsoft gets some good competition, maybe they’ll stop being so expensive.

  • I thing their struggle will end never!!

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  • Like dog and cat 🙂

  • Is it fair that Google can gain 100% market share but Microsoft get sued for monopotolization of the operating system market?

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  • so funny comparison.
    i think so that G will beat M.

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  • Is it fair that Google can gain 100% market share but Microsoft get sued for monopotolization of the operating system market

  • I don’t think that any amount of apps will help microsoft in this department!!!

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  • komik has an interesting point.

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