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If you’ve been waiting for the much talked about Google AdSense for Feeds, I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?

OK, the good news. If you log into your Google AdSense account, you’ll see a new option to create AdSense for Feeds. Yay!

You can customize whether to display text only ads, image only, or a mix of both. You can decide how often to display the ad; every blog post, every 2nd blog post, etc. And, you can even decide on the colors and placement of the ads. Our dreams have come true!

Now, for the bad news.

Unless you are creating a brand new Feedburner feed, you won’t have an easy time setting up AdSense for Feeds. As Google explains:

Google will soon provide a self-service process to migrate from an account on the original FeedBurner website to a Google Account. Currently, migrating your feeds from from FeedBurner to a Google account is a manual process. We will assist you directly to ensure a successful migration. The only way you can use AdSense for feeds is through your Google Account.

To migrate all of your feeds, and your account from to Google, please contact us at…

Yeah, good luck with that. Google’s not exactly renowned for its ability to successfully manage any manual process, especially one that includes customer service’s input.

I agree with Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips. Google should have made the integration an easy and seamless task–why can’t we manage this in Feedburner? Instead, until Google can figure out how to automatically add AdSense to our Feedburner feeds, I suspect many of us will find an alternative solution.

What are your plans? Will you go through the manual process?

  • Nicole Price

    Give it a try before deciding one way or the other?

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..My Tryst With Hard Drive Recovery

  • Otilia Otlacan

    There never was, and never will be such thing as easy or smooth account integration or migration for Google products.
    Having linked my FeedBurner account to my AdSense account just the other week, I am now puzzled as to why is that not reflected in my AdSense account and what will happen if I go through the manual process – fun times!

    Otilia Otlacan’s last blog post..Second Quarter 2008 Financials: Good Growth for Most Internet Companies


    Does this means that Google is starting to neglect Feedburner?

    SEO I-COM’s last blog post..Is video the next big wave of the Internet?

  • Daniel Scocco

    Thanks for the mention Andy.

    I think we need to look out for websites with the RSS feed pointing to name.

    Means that have done the transition.

    Daniel Scocco’s last blog post..Google AdSense for Feeds is Live: Many Doubts Though

  • Mickey

    “Will you go through the manual process?” You make it sound like a big ordeal.

    While I agree it’s quite stupid that it needs to be done manually, it’s a 20 second e-mail you need to send. Not a big deal.

    Mickey’s last blog post..WordPress 2.6.1 Released

  • Andy Beal

    @Mickey – any manual process with Google tends to be a bigger deal than it needs to be. I’m going to wait and see how the process went for others, before doing it myself. :-)

  • Mickey

    Fair enough. I agree it’s certainly a bigger deal than it needs to be, but I found it quite smooth. 20 second e-mail, 45 minute response, good to go.

    As for the result — $0.00 so far. :)

    Mickey’s last blog post..WordPress 2.6.1 Released

  • Jack Humphrey

    Since I’m not interested in taking focus away from my feed content for a few pennies per click, I hope this doesn’t lead to them neglecting FeedBurner.

    They are also known for focusing the most on anything they can put more ads in. Losing any performance or functionality in FeedBurner would be disastrous.

    Jack Humphrey’s last blog post..Webside Chat with Andy Beal,

  • Marketing Deviant

    Would had been better if they just add that feature on feedburner. Less pain and more gain!

    Marketing Deviant’s last blog post..Make the Host and Guest Exchange Roles

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  • Fifty Studio

    Feed spam here we come!

    Fifty Studio’s last blog post..I’m a Web Designer

  • Ashley

    Thanks for good news, it is great indeed

  • My SEO Experiment

    thank, its looks great.

    But lately, My Adsense is generating lesss and less income…

    My SEO Experiment’s last blog post..My first step – Getting links from blogs

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    @Andy, @Daniel,

    I had sent the request to Google and my feeds have already got redirected.. here is it

    SATISH’s last blog post..Feedburner Chicklet after Migration

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  • Symbian

    This process are quite easy, so I’ll give it a shot.

    Symbian’s last blog post..Free VoIP Symbian app Fring now on Nokia E71

  • Webmaster’s Forum

    I was excited when I read the title of the post….but quite disappointed now……anybody here who have done this successfully???

  • Utah SEO

    Should be interesting to see how this pans out. Not putting much faith in it right now.

    Utah SEO’s last blog post..Mobile SEO – SMX Local Mobile 2008 Presentation

  • Games

    I have heard about this one but I never implemented ads in my feeds. I might do it pretty soon.


    I just installed it in my feeds, but I can’t seem to ever see ads. I guess they are there though, because I am earning.‘s last blog post..Free 4 pack of Goody hair elastics

  • 7 Way To Make Money

    adsense for feeds with mobile version of google reader works?

    7 Way To Make Money’s last blog post..Telemarketing is a New Part Of Direct Marketing For Your Business!

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