Manage an Online Reputation Crisis in 7 Steps

In case you’ve not yet bought a copy of Radically Transparent, or perhaps you just need a reputation management refresher, you can check out an interview I did recently with MarketingSherpa.

Consider it a mini-guide to managing an online reputation crisis. In it, I discuss the following seven steps in detail:

  • Tip #1: Perform an honest self-analysis
  • Tip #2: Control communication
  • Tip #3: Monitor online conversations about your company
  • Tip #4: Analyze complaints before reacting
  • Tip #5: Strategize responses
  • Tip #6: Control the conversation
  • Tip #7: Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

You might want to bookmark it and pray that you don’t actually have to use it. ;-)

Win Copies of Bryan Eisenberg’s New Book “Always Be Testing”

UPDATE: Winners announced here.

Usability guru and best-selling author Bryan Eisenberg is back with another great book. Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer sees Eisenberg team up with John Quarto-vonTivadar, and Lisa T. Davis to deliver the definitive guide to Google’s web page multivariate testing tool.

I’ve just finished reading Always Be Testing which finally opened my eyes to just how easy Website Optimizer is to use and just how valuable it is for any web site owner. Following Eisenberg’s advice, I’ve not only set up the perfect multivariate web page test, but I also know which variables to test.

Pilgrim’s Picks for August 26 – Who Stole the News Edition?

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’d have read my reaction to news that Google Suggest had finally made its way to Google’s homepage search box.

Turns out, that’s probably the biggest news of the day. Today really is a slow news day. I’ll keep digging for something worthy of your brilliant mind, but in the meantime consider these Picks an amuse-bouche for the day. ;-)

  • I’ve not checked the accuracy of the data, but you have to be impressed with Khalid’s attempt to provide the "Ultimate Rank" of SEO blogs. Yeah, it’s linkbait, yeah he’s massaging the egos of those on the list–wohoo, we’re #8 ;-) –but it looks like a lot of work went it to compiling the list.

NBC Gets a Bronze for Online Video Advertising During Olympics

The Olympics is over and US advertisers should be pleased with the results. Not only did we take home a lot of gold from athletes, this Olympics brought record web site traffic – and an experiment in online video advertising. The two weeks long Olympics was a test in how video advertising would play out.

According to eMarketer – NBC – the lead sponsor of the games, gets a bronze for their work. They brought in $5.75 million for running video ads. The Wall Street Journal reported NBC made only a quarter of what CBS Sports made streaming a college basketball tournament earlier this year.

Pilgrim’s Picks for August 25

There’s only one thing on my mind: Football!

Yep, the college football season gets underway this week and I’m hoping NCSU can pull off an upset down at South Carolina on Thursday.

I need a distraction-to keep my mind off football–and these Picks will do nicely!

Why You Need a “NoIndex, NoFollow” Sign in Your Front Yard

A California resident is suing Google for trespassing. Apparently Google’s Street View driver ignored a "No Trespassing" sign, drove down a private road, and snapped photos of the resident’s house.

The resident decided that simply submitting a removal request was too easy–and lacked any kind of chance for a settlement from Google–so the case is now before a judge. While legal-eagles will enjoy the debate over whether this truly is an invasion of privacy, or trespassing, I got a kick out of Ars Technica’s comparison to how Google should have treated the sign:

The Secret to Business Blogging Success? Don’t Ask Jason Calacanis

This Washington Post piece about business blogging both perplexes and delights me.

Why perplexed? It opens and closes with a case study about Jason Calacanis. While Calacanis was at the frontier of blogging for dollars–and extremely successful with Weblogs Inc–the case study talks about Calacanis’s decision to dump blogging in favor of a newsletter. It simply doesn’t fit with the remainder of the article. It’s almost as if the journalist had the interviewing lying around and decided to push a square peg into a round hole.

OK, that aside, if you are weighing the advantages of your business joining the blogosphere, then you should make time to read the article. While it won’t offer all the answers to your questions, it will provide you with some real world examples of how businesses are growing thanks to blogging.