Pilgrim’s Picks for August 13

Lots of Picks today, so let’s jump right to it!

72 Hours Only! 30% Off ANY MarketingSherpa Report

MarketingSherpa is moving offices and they don’t want to move boxes and boxes of handbooks and guides. Instead, they’re offering Marketing Pilgrim readers 30% off any of their reports!

For the next 72 hours (clock started at 8am EST) you can pick up great reports at a huge discount.

Definitely worth considering:

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Public Relations is Not Obsolete; It Just Needs New Spots

It must be a least a week since we’ve had a juicy meme to sink out teeth into. Fortunately, one has surfaced over the past few days: Is there still a need for public relations?

TechCrunch, RWW, and Steve Rubel are among those weighing in with their thoughts on the subject. Here are a few choice morsels:


First off, don’t hire PR help until the volume of inbound requests by press are simply too much to handle without help.

eBay Not Out of the Woods Yet With Tiffany’s and Trademark Concerns

EBay has the “honor” of being in the Wall Street Journal headlines twice today. So what do you want to read about regarding eBay today; trademark infringement or merchants leaving eBay for other smaller niche auction sites ? Looks like eBay may want a little ORM in place to handle this current flood of “news”.

For this post’s purposes we will look at the trademark story. On the heels of a July victory stemming from a 2004 suit brought against them by Tiffany & Co. regarding the sales of fake goods on the auction site, eBay will have to suffer through the appeals process before victory is theirs. Apparently Tiffany’s doesn’t agree with the ruling handed down by US District Court Judge Richard Sullivan. It was Tiffany’s contention that eBay was not doing enough to prevent counterfeit goods from being sold on their site. The ruling stated that trademark holders like Tiffany’s, not eBay, “bore the main responsibility for monitoring eBay’s auction site for fake goods.” Tiffany’s response was “that the court’s ruling failed to apply established principles of trademark law.”

Twitter Starts Imposing “Following” Limits to Prevent Spam; Your Thoughts?

Just a few days ago, Twitter warned that its new efforts to combat spam would become more noticable over the coming days.

Recently, we’ve seen significant impact by introducing limits around how many accounts can be followed on Twitter under certain conditions. These limits are designed to not affect the vast majority of users. However, some people (who are not spammers) have (and will) run into them.

Those days are here.

Brent Csutoras documents one case where a Twitter account, with 830 followers, and 5,616 updates, was prevented from following more than 2,000 people.

This morning I went to test and see if I could follow more than 2,000 and found that I was still given the error message.

Google’s Gmail Crashes; Needs a Fail Whale

If you’re not a Gmail user, you’re probably not aware of this system-wide message:

If Google keeps up with the outages, it will need to come up with its own one of these:

What would be a good “fail whale” alternative for Google?

UPDATE: So, Gmail is back to normal. What happened? Gmail officials explain

Many of you had trouble accessing Gmail for a couple of hours this afternoon, and we’re really sorry. The issue was caused by a temporary outage in our contacts system that was preventing Gmail from loading properly. Everything should be back to normal by the time you read this.

Pilgrim’s Picks for August 11 – Men’s Swimming Relay Edition

Tell me you watched it! The men’s 4x100M swimming relay was the highlight of the Olympics thus far. If you’re American, you must watch the video. If you’re French, not so much. ;-)

Today’s Picks: