Online Reputation and Buzz Monitoring Buyer’s Guide 2008

If I’m not reading a MarketingSherpa report, you’ll likely find my nose buried in a report from the equally great E-consultancy.

E-consultancy is a UK based research company–so you’ll find a lot of European bias in its reports–but they’re always worth reading. The latest, Online Reputation and Buzz Monitoring Buyer’s Guide 2008, is no exception.

Here’s how E-consultancy describes the guide:

This buyer’s guide has been written for those who are looking for technology and services relating to online reputation monitoring, with profiles of 16 leading suppliers.

The guide also provides detail on the issues and trends relating to social media and "buzz" monitoring, as well as containing tips and pitfalls for companies looking for the most suitable supplier.

The New York Times Threatened by Google?

The New York Times asks–almost nonchalantly–Is Google a Media Company?

I’d ask the NYT: Why? Are you scared of the competition?

[Google’s] Knol has been called a potential rival to Wikipedia and other sites whose content spans a broad range of topics, including Mahalo and, a property of The New York Times Company that uses experts it calls “guides” to write articles on a variety of topics.

Reading the article, and those quoted, I can’t help but think that this is the NYT telling Google, "we’re watching what you do with Knol, and we’re ready to cry foul, if it hurts our business."

And, just in case the NYT can’t keep Google in check, it’s brought in the rather vocal Jason Calacanis:

Trackur’s New “Profiles” a Killer New Feature for Multiple Brand Monitoring

Trackur ProfilesIf you’ve signed up for Trackur’s Enterprise level, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve just added “Profiles” to your dashboard. With the new profiles, you can now create up to ten different keyword groups–giving you the option to segment your monitored keywords.

So, who will benefit from the new profiles?

  • Marketing agencies and PR firms – now you can create profiles for each client!
  • Large companies – create profiles for each of your brands or product lines.
  • Bloggers & journalists – set up profiles for different industries or verticals.

Trackur Profiles

As always, there’s no price increase with the new features–it’s all part of our plan to provide the most powerful, yet affordable, online reputation monitoring tool!

Email Newsletter Daily Candy Gobbled up by Comcast for $125 Million

The email newsletter Daily Candy, now going on its eighth year, got a sweet deal this week. Comcast is buying the company for $125 million. Rumors were that Comcast would pay far less – around $75 million and it’s many times over their revenue.

The pithy newsletters focus on what’s hip and fashionable – marketing products to young women – and drawing national advertisers. Last year they expanded to include a kid’s edition aimed at well keeled moms. In 2006 the newsletters totaled around 2.5 million subscribers.

Daily Candy was launched in 2000 by Dany Levy with money from savings ($50,000) and investment capital ($250,000 from family and friends). In 2003, they got a further investment from Pilot Group for $3.5 million and a majority share.

China, Freedom, and the Internet

Let the games begin! The Olympics in Bejing have begun and Tibet monks aren’t the only protesters – the media is angry too. While Chinese citizens may not have freedom of the press or Internet, but their Olympic guests expect it.

And to be sure, the media was promised they would have full access to web sites. But reports are that not only are sites being blocked but that the government is monitoring Internet activity.

The impending Olympic games have increased questions about Internet censorship in China, especially after Chinese officials tried to block journalists there for the games from accessing certain sites, even after the Chinese government assured reporters they would have full freedom to search the Internet, unlike its citizens.

I Need Your Help! Please Vote for My SXSW Panel

I try to treat Marketing Pilgrim like Christmas–it’s better to give, than receive. However, I would like to ask for your help with something.

I’m trying to get a panel added to next year’s SXSW and I need your votes and comments of support.

Managing Your Brand in a Radically Transparent World has already made the list of finalists and now it’s among the many great panels vying for a space at next year’s event.

All I’m asking, is to head to the SXSW Interactive Panel Picker and share your vote for my panel submission. While you’re there, why not vote for some other panels that interest you?

Many thanks for your help and support. I appreciate it.


Pilgrim’s Picks for 080808

Did you miss me yesterday? Not really? I had a blast teaching my first Online Reputation Management Workshop yesterday–thanks to the great folks who took the time to attend!

After sleeping solid for 10 hours, I feel like some Picks–what about you? :-)