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Did you miss me yesterday? Not really? I had a blast teaching my first Online Reputation Management Workshop yesterday–thanks to the great folks who took the time to attend!

After sleeping solid for 10 hours, I feel like some Picks–what about you? 🙂

  • – Cuil not cool, at all. The safe search does not work, and innocent keyphrases return porn images in results 😀

    – as for the DoubleClick DFP cookies across Google’s content network, I’m running tests this weekend to see if I’m still cookied (and if so, how) when the AdSense javascript is ran as rich media through an ad server… will report on that.

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  • Dean

    Ok let me say this one last time. The domestic search engine contest is over. Unless you are Google, Yahoo, MSFT, or maaaaaybe Ask – it’s over.

    Wacky interfaces, complicated result pages, and just plain bad results are the only constant with each new “Google killer”. Yes I am talking to you Cuil, dabble, everyzing, pixy, blinkx, truveo, and viewzi.

    The only real upstart challenger is RedZee, cuz their wittle mascot is soooooo cute!

  • I’m headed over to checkout the new WP plugin now.

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  • josh

    blinkx is the largest and best online video search emgine at the moment. they are rapidly growing and innovating…amazing technology and know how…
    google online video search engine is extremely bad. youtube has traffic but cannot make money for google because the mass of videos are not professional. blinkx monetizes and provides excellent search results… google should move fast and buy out blinkx before its too late…

    google tricks with cookies are becoming a routine…they can do better than that…

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  • Cuil is in early alpha state, so it’s completely unuseful.

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  • To be fair, it is not easy to dethrone Google and with the many bad vibes Cuil has received, the job gets even harder.

    Don’t know if they have considered all the feedback and trying their best to improve. Haven’t seen their official response to counter any of the bad reviews.

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