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August? Really? Already?

Is it just me, or do the months (and years) fly by more quickly, the older you get? Anyway, before December creeps up on us, let’s get to today’s Picks.

  • The IAB has proposed a new template for online video ads.
  • Are AOL’s blogs growing or not? RWW takes a look at the ups and downs of AOL’s blog empire.
  • Some idiot used YouTube to post bogus threats; he could now face 10 years prison time.
  • Li Evans sends word of SearchCamp (coinciding with PodCamp) in Philly on September 6, 7 2008 at Temple University.
  • 10 years prison time is too much, isn’t it?

  • Where was IAB a few months ago, when my coworkers and I were struggling to build the instream ad functionality for our site? Aaaaaaarghhhh! Better later than never, though, we’ll have quite some feedback to give.

    As for the YouTube dude… too bad idiocy doesn’t hurt, that’d be better than jail time 😀

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  • I could not believe it is August myself this morning. July went past way too quickly. Time always flies when you are having a good time.

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  • @Ashley it could be. I mean, he didn’t REALLY hurt anyone. But if you look at the way the US justice system works, it really makes sense. I mean, smoke an ounce of pot and get 20 years… commit second degree murder, 4 years. Threaten someone…. 10 years.

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  • I think he worth to get 10 years prison. I think law must start to be applied for the interenet criminal too.

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  • Ohh yea!!August is my favorit mounth….

  • I believe that the idiot deserves whatever he gets. In fact I hope that they lock him up and throw the keys away. He has confused freedom with license and that is totally unacceptable. Look at it from Gerber’s point of view. If he is mentally challenged, they should institutionalize him and keep him away from the Internet.

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  • Some online reputation management will have to be exercised for this poor idiot…careful everybody!

  • I think the 10 years prison is a bit too much. If it is about child crimes or other sexual offenses, then what will the punishment be?

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  • Is there such a thing as a bogus threat?

  • I bet the You Tube founders didn’t have that in mind.


  • Wow.. what a genius, the guy that used Youtube for threats to poison baby food… what is this world coming to?

  • Didn’t know that AOL has a blog empire. Probably because of poor advertisement division in AOL.

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