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Tell me you watched it! The men’s 4x100M swimming relay was the highlight of the Olympics thus far. If you’re American, you must watch the video. If you’re French, not so much. 😉

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  • Nicole Price

    Blackshaw’s post is very instructive. His book should be quite interesting too.

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  • Otilia Otlacan

    Brilliant 4x100m run :-)
    But speaking of the Olympics… has anyone noticed the Doodles we’re served on the Google homepages? What’s with the animals instead of athletes – they better not have used animals in the drawings just because they didn’t want to have to draw human faces and make choices as to what ethnicity those faces should belong to!

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  • Tom Royce

    I could not sleep last night so I came downstairs to watch some television. Put on the Olympics figuring that watching it would put me right to sleep.

    Well that 4 x 100 relay was on and I was hooked. There went a couple more hours of sleep as I was jacked up!

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  • Dylan Darling

    That was a great “come from behind victory” in the 4X 100M. The opening ceremony was amazing as well.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    So you have to install Silverlight to watch videos on NBC :(

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  • Tiffany

    I couldn’t play the video either :( …Need silverlight.

  • Symbian

    It’s better to not receive negative reviews at all, but if this happened there tips could be useful.

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  • Dean

    Wassup with being required to install Silverlight???? No thanks Microsoft. Way to go NBC. Idiots.

  • Millionaire

    pete blackshaw’s tips are great… im going to read it more carefully later instead of just skimming

    Millionaire’s last blog (Meet Rich People Online)

  • Ashley

    I especially liked the Blackshaw’s article and would like to read his book as well

  • PS3

    Was a brilliant race and America deserved the win

  • Ken Nickless

    But how about the Aussie girls relay? Not even rated but they won in world record time!

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