Pilgrim’s Picks for August 13

Lots of Picks today, so let’s jump right to it!

  • http://www.sannayak.com San Nayak

    I know this must be a fact that google has more than 70% search market share but I am still struggling to believe it. I have a website where i receive 55%(MSN+Live) and 25%(Google) referrals. Time should prove me wrong and google should grow to 70% for my site(Big Money after all.)

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  • http:.//www.adoperationsonline.com Otilia Otlacan

    I’ve joined FeedBurner’s Ad Network only several days ago, diligently linked it to my AdSense account and… nada, no ads. *scratches head*

  • http://marketingtechblog.com Douglas Karr

    Great group of links today, Andy! I had to stop and read every single one!

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  • http://www.marketingpilgrim.com Andy Beal

    @Douglas – thanks!

  • http://www.gadgets4nowt.co.uk PS3

    It doesn’t seem to matter what the big G does, it still comes up smelling of roses. Will there ever be a truly competitive rival?

  • http://www.bruceclay.com/blog Lisa Barone

    Amusing that some of the SEOs getting worked up over China switching out the girl with the crooked teeth for a “prettier” version are the same ones who just a few weeks ago spoke out in favor of fake avatars. Um, hello. :)

  • http://symbiancorner.blogspot.com Symbian

    I’m waiting for Adsense for feeds too.

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  • http://www.i-com.net SEO I-COM

    I’ve never heard about Disqus before. I’ve always used cocomment.com
    It seems like a good service!

    SEO I-COM’s last blog post..Using Google Insights for market research

  • http://www.myfreeps3.net PS3

    Nice collection of links, Thanks. Good Job!

  • http://www.fiftystudio.com/news Russell Page

    If the civil rights stuff won’t get called out by China’s B named NBC, then they’ve gotta get it somehow.

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  • http://www.netage.co.za Goran Web Design

    Re(Beijing Opening ceremony):Well that is pretty disappointing. But I still think that Beijing has set the benchmark for setting up such a marvellous opening ceremony for such an event.