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New research from iProspect and JupiterResearch reveals that 45% of search marketing campaigns aren’t integrated with offline marketing efforts.

In fact, the study finds that just over half of search engine marketers (55%) intentionally integrate their efforts with at least one offline marketing channel. Specifically, that integration most often takes place with direct mail (34%) and magazine/newspaper advertising (29%), while both television (12%) and radio advertising (12%) trail behind.

It seems to me that 55% is a healthy number. Search marketing is only just finding a dedicated place in the marketing budgets of companies, so it’s still early days, when it comes to blending SEM with other channels. iProspect suggests a few reasons why more campaigns aren’t integrated:

  • lack of budget (19%)
  • lack of human resources (15%)
  • not considered (13%)
  • lack of senior management buy-in (11%)
  • separate people managing search marketing and offline channels (11%)

Another reason the number isn’t greater than 55%? It could be that iProspect’s study reveals 24% of companies aren’t doing ANY offline marketing. That makes it kind of hard to integrate, doesn’t it? 😉

  • Too true! And yet how effective a campaign can be when the two complement eachother!

  • Could it also be that the two are distinctly different channels and need not be integrated at all?

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  • The premise of this research seems like more of a branding issue.

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  • I see this in corporations due largely to departmentalization and one hand not talking to the other.

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  • Offline markting tools are still important because there many places have not yet been reached by the internet. However slow but sure, they will move to full online marketing.

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  • Definitely interesting research. It seems as though it takes something totally different to make a user take action (click) than it does to create brand awareness. Sooner or later, once the internet is fully integrated into everything we do, these two concepts will merge.

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  • Nicole says “Could it also be that the two are distinctly different channels and need not be integrated at all?”

    This is mistake that many small businesses and even large corporations make. Keeping ALL marketing efforts integrated is essential for any organization.

    One of the best ways to accomplish this is to develop an Integrated Marketing Plan (IMP) which incorporates the efforts of everything from direct marketing to viral marketing to SEM to internet marketing, etc. However research and development of an IMP can also be outsourced while execution of the IMP can remain in-house. [link removed]

  • This part of advertisers represents trully online business.

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  • That figure doesn’t surprise me. It is a fact most Internet Marketing companies limit their business and services to search engines. There is so many other profit centers a business can take advantage of and in SEM particularly there are there are excellent advantages to integrating your offline efforts.

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  • There is education involved when assisting SME’s with marketing. That’s a given.

    Companies like Vertical Insight have to educate their prospects and clients on even basics like who their target market is. If you don’t know or have a focused “who,” you certainly don’t know how to reach them.

    Thus, having all marketing efforts synergize by having an Integrated Marketing Plan tends to be over the heads of many small bus. owners. It’s our job as marketing professionals to keep educating them (at their pace of course). And sometimes, when we find those who refuse to take our advice . . . they have to fall on their faces before they realize that their best interests were at heart to begin with.