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While the boss is away sunning himself on a beach, now’s the perfect time to polish-up your resume and look for greener pastures. Here’s just a small selection of the great jobs listed on the Marketing Pilgrim Job Board.

If you have a job opening, you can reach some of the most talented marketers around for just $57!

  • Beta Design

    Part Time Blogger? What a great job!

  • Ashley

    Thaks for the list

  • chakravarthy

    hai h r u?
    i will do any accounting jobs
    i will no have payble money
    send me any work i will do that and then give me money

  • Blue SEO

    I love the qualifications for some of these search marketing jobs… I don’t know one SEO with as much education as they are looking for, plus all of this corporate experience… there are some qualified people out there for the SEO positions I see, but most are going to already be making more money than they are willing to pay.

  • Andy Beal

    @Blue SEO – I guess they’ll be back to post a new listing, when they figure that out. 😉

  • Vacation Rentals

    Yea, companies always seem to post outrageous qualifications lately. Probably to keep down the thousands of job applications companies are getting as of late.

  • Fifty Studio

    Can you say shortage of qualified folks in the industry? That’s good. Look at what happened to the price of gas with the supply/demand problem.

  • Utah SEO Pro

    I like seeing this posted. It’d be good to see it every month.

    Utah SEO Pro’s last blog post..Mobile SEO – SMX Local Mobile 2008 Presentation

  • Tiffany

    Great vacancy list. But actually I want to enjoy the holiday too.

  • Otilia Otlacan

    I find these listing extremely limiting… I’ll have to continue my perennial search for a position of Couch Sitter. I’ll be overqualified regardless of the requirements.

    Otilia Otlacan’s last blog post..ValueClick Sues Tacoda Over Behavioral Targeting Patents

  • Andy Beal

    @Otilia – LOL. I’ll be sure to let you know, if that job gets posted! 😉

  • PS3

    How ironic if you had to go to the office everyday to be a part time blogger!

  • Millionaire

    this is pretty nice of you.. job postings for internet marketers.. however, i prefer to just stick it out at home and make a living :)

    Millionaire’s last blog (Meet Rich People Online)

  • Local Internet Marketing

    It is very nice of you to give back to the IM community, especially in your part time.

    Local Internet Marketing’s last blog post..The Future of Search Engine Marketing

  • Internet Marketing Tips

    Product Creation is the place to be!

    Internet Marketing Tips’s last blog post..Trying To Find The Best Place To Invest Money?

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