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This Washington Post piece about business blogging both perplexes and delights me.

Why perplexed? It opens and closes with a case study about Jason Calacanis. While Calacanis was at the frontier of blogging for dollars–and extremely successful with Weblogs Inc–the case study talks about Calacanis’s decision to dump blogging in favor of a newsletter. It simply doesn’t fit with the remainder of the article. It’s almost as if the journalist had the interviewing lying around and decided to push a square peg into a round hole.

OK, that aside, if you are weighing the advantages of your business joining the blogosphere, then you should make time to read the article. While it won’t offer all the answers to your questions, it will provide you with some real world examples of how businesses are growing thanks to blogging.

I’m often asked “where’s the ROI?” in business blogging. I’m excited to see that Marriott is tracking the direct revenue generated from its blog:

Marriott has made more than $5 million in bookings from people who clicked through to the reservation page from Marriott’s blog.

Is your business blogging? Care to share your success (or failure) stories?

  • Agree with you that my retirement has nothing to do with the value of a blog to a company. I think all companies should have blogs–except the companies that are really hated. Those companies need to become less hated first, then move into a blog. If they jump right in it will just become a venting location for their team/customers.

    rock on, jcal

  • Hmmmm….

    I think the term blogging is overrated as it is… doesn’t mean much. Example: Isn’t this site basically an online version of a column. Why wouldn’t a company start something like that if they were getting bad press?

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  • @Jason – that’s a good point. When Dell jumped it, it was met with a lot of cynicism.

    @Fifty – perhaps launching a blog shouldn’t be done in isolation. Make it part of a broader strategy to address any negative brand sentiment.

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  • I can see many companies tying a blogging platform to their website for various reasons like, addressing issues, increasing sells, branding and lot more to do with SEO as well. I work for a PR firm and many of our clients also ask us if our CMS supports blog/forum or not. I think blog will be a part of the top level navigation as like as “contact us page” in a year or so.

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  • Almost all of my real estate sales last year were a direct result of my blogging. Every time I post something, it ranks within hours for a relevant search term, and I get calls from folks who refer to those posts.

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  • “ROI” of the buzz blogging is very important.

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  • Good post.There are a number of benefits to having your own blog and running it as a career.Many people are blogging for a living because of how easy it is and how beneficial it can be for you and any business or web sites you may have.

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