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Don’t mess with the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority! Pedantic is its middle name and it’s well versed in the ancient art of filament-slicing.

According to the Guardian, it took just two complaints about an Apple iPhone TV advertisement (watch it here) for the watchdog to take action and ban the ad.

The Advertising Standards Authority received two complaints that the claim was misleading because the iPhone did not support Flash or Java, which are both integral to many web pages.

Apple said the aim of the ad was to highlight how the iPhone can offer access to all websites…and that the line “all parts of the internet” meant website availability, “not every aspect of functionality”.

I’m not sure what’s more incredible. That the ASA thought the ad was misleading–even my Firefox browser can’t access all of the internet–or, that it took just two complaints to see the ad banned.

Don’t like the TV ad, your competitor is running in the UK? Send in a complaint, and have your grandmother do the same–you’ll never have to worry about it again! 😉

  • Yes the British system in these matters as well as IP matters is far superior to anything else anywhere else.

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  • Andy, I watched the ad…and while it may seem perfectly harmless to us here in the States, the British ad watchdogs take a rather extreme approach to accuracy. Even if Apple meant one thing by saying “all of the web” – that phrase means different things to different people.

    So, if Apple just added a small disclaimer to its commercial (a la prescription drug commercials), all would be well!

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  • Yet another “our audience is [not] smarter than yours” moment…

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  • Reena

    Yes with the Brits, you had better mind your p’s and q’s.

  • Thanks Nicole for the link.

  • Stuff like this annoys me so much!
    Can’t people use common sense at least some of the time?


  • PS3

    We Brits are a funny bunch, pedantic often comes up when people describe us.

    @Reena – p’s and q’s is a very old expression, originates from Pints and Quarts (drink measures). For what it’s worth!