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When Yahoo Buzz first opened in beta, stories soon surfaced that, those invited to the beta, saw some big increases in traffic. If you’ve been pining to get a piece of your own Buzz, you’ll be pleased to know that Yahoo Buzz is now open to all web sites.

Today, six months and more than 5 million users later, we’re pleased to share that we’re opening Yahoo! Buzz up so that you can “buzz up” content from any publisher on the Web…And for anyone publishing Web content that was not part of our beta testing, today we hope you will join Yahoo! Buzz and let our audience (of more then half a billion people!) buzz up your content, too. Joining is as simple. Just grab code from our Buttons page and paste it into your website or blog.

Now, before you get dizzy with excitement, you might want to temper your expectations. Marketing Pilgrim joined Yahoo Buzz, late in the beta–actually about 3 weeks ago. Despite adding big buttons to the bottom of each post, we’ve not seen any significant traffic from Yahoo Buzz. Maybe we don’t appeal to Yahoo Buzz’s majority or perhaps our posts just stink. Either way, Yahoo Buzz hasn’t been the winner, we’d hoped it would be.

So, go ahead and give Yahoo Buzz a whirl. It’s a great site and I still plan on keeping our Yahoo Buzz buttons on each post. Maybe you can leave me a comment with your results.

  • The service may be good but the ‘b Buzz up!’ button is simply not telling the user anything as to what exactly it is and what would it do.
    Unless the user already knows about Yahoo Buzz and uses it, the button is just, well, another button and is not inciting to be clicked in any way. Yahoo is probably in a chicken-egg situation right now, where publishers may be dropping the service as it’s not bringing any traffic, while the users aren’t ‘buzzing’ because they’re not aware of the service.

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  • I have read so many contradicting stories about Yahoo Buzz. Otilia Otlacan, you make sense, I think that with a bit of marketing there will be increases in traffic like any new product.

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  • Well I gave it a shot and put the Buzz icon on my blog. One thing that I guess is unclear to an old fogey like me is, can I “buzz” my own posts?

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  • I also think to give yahoo buzz a try..

  • I’ve actually had one of my articles from go “popular on Yahoo Buzz, but it still failed to generate any meaningful traffic.

    I don’t think all “hot” articles are displayed equally to the user-base.

  • Yahoo buzz. Is it another digg? Well I hope I can get a few buzzes to my site as well.

  • I tried it but i dont feel that i am getting real traffic from yahoo buzz …I think it needs more time to explore …when a person want to buzz the story if he is the first he has option to write a review abt the story ….That is really good option i feel

    Thanks for sharing i feel it is really cool and it is same as digg …

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  • had tried it. nothing innovation.

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