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It’s been seven weeks since Microsoft’s reorganization of its online services and Windows groups, which included the sales division. Apparently, that means it’s time for some more shake ups, as Lisa Utzschneider, General Manager of sales for the Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions group, is leaving Microsoft.

But most interesting isn’t the fact that she’s leaving, but where she’s going from here: Amazon. Amazon is a relative baby in the online advertising market, but the New York Post points out that netting a senior executive in the field may be a sign that Amazon is gearing up to take this venture seriously.

Amazon hasn’t confirmed the hire, but paidContent says that she’ll be named Senior Vice President of national ad sales.

Utzchneider’s departure is just Microsoft’s latest high-profile loss in recent months, after former division President Kevin Johnson left seven weeks ago to work for Juniper Research and former CMO Joanne Bradford left for Yahoo (via SpotRunner).

  • I wonder why so many senior people are leaving MS!
    Okay, the industry sees many leaving and joining new employers, but this is peculiar for MS.

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  • There always seems to be quite the shuffle going on with the big companies.

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  • I can certainly understand leaving MS if you’re in the ad division … however much cash they throw at it their network is still the really ugly step-sister, worse even than Yahoo.

    But landing at Amazon? Hmmm, interesting. Haven’t really thought of them as an advertising entity, but with that many eyeballs? As I said, interesting.

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  • Does anyone know where they people that are leaving MS are going? Aare they all going to the same place? Or all different places? Are they being poached?

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  • I think Microsoft is a great company.

  • BRK

    One wonders why they wouldn’t leave. When you get to those salary levels, cash in some stocks and you never have to work again. Or at least you work for yourself. Where do these people go? Maybe they like the challenge so a lot go to the next big start up like Facebook. Or others think they can do better than their predecessors like Cuil.

    People just need to watch their backs.

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will steal all your fish…

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  • mat

    I disagree that Amazon are not a big advertising entity I have been under the impression that they are one of the biggest?

  • Microsoft is still the most powerful IT company in the world… Google and Apple are just kids comparing to Bill’s firm:))

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  • @BRK
    I agree with you “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will steal all your fish…”

    Shuffle is a normal behavior and people leaving firms like MS/Google/Yahoo have their justified reasons. You will notice more with it when you see the particular market is very volatile, advertising is rising so everyone tied with it looking forward for a better result.

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  • I disagree that Microsoft is a bigger company than Google the time that Microsoft was a natural monopoly and google had a very unprotected position at the top has long gone. Infact you can rip off Microsoft or find similar products that are often better but you cannot rip off google even if other search engines organised searches quicker and better people will allways spend money and time to be found on google.

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