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OK, so the above headline would make Valleywag smile, but I figured that “Marissa Mayer discusses the future of search” would have left you saying; “what, again!”

As a tenuous follow-up to her recent Q&A, Google’s Mayer takes the time to provide her thoughts on what the future of search might have in store–and yes, she does talk about J.C. Penney.

Her predictions range from science fiction:

For example, when the topic of the oldest living thing came up during a boat ride, everyone in the conversation was curious about it, but no one wanted to break out an awkward, slow device to do a search. It would be much nicer if we had a device with great connectivity that could do searches without interruption. One far-fetched idea: how about a wearable device that does searches in the background based on the words it picks up from conversations, and then flashes relevant facts?

To something I’d love to see:

Maybe the search engines of the future will know where you are located, maybe they will know what you know already or what you learned earlier today, or maybe they will fully understand your preferences because you have chosen to share that information with us.

If you have any interest in the future of search, then Mayer’s stream of consciousness is a must read. Oh, and as for the we’ve solved “90%” of the search solution? Mayer backtracks a little. Telling us just how mean and vicious that last 10% is going to be.

However, that remaining 10% of the problem really represents 90% (in fact, more than 90%) of the work.

Oh, I see. 90% is really 10%, how could I have not known that? 😉