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Last night, my husband was logging in to Facebook when he noticed something was different. He asked me if I’d seen this before:

new facebook homepage

Nope. Conspicuously absent from the redesign, of course, is the phrase “social utility,” Facebook’s high-falutin’ euphemism for “social network.” (I swear I noticed that before I read the TechCrunch post, too.)

I’m guessing the new homepage is not the harbinger of major changes at Facebook—rather, it’s probably the last step in the extremely long roll out of their latest redesign.

It looks cooler, it matches with the new interior design better, and it loses the pretentious autonym—that is, it explains what it’s for more simply. Not bad.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Wow, interesting! I didn’t notice it due to my always being logged in and never going to the home page. Although not drastically different, I like it!

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  • Adi

    Looks rather like the LinkedIn home page. Not sure if that’s intentional.

  • Goran Web Design

    Well it looks great, I saw it last night. This homepage gives a broader view of what their service is all about, connecting people from across the globe.

  • Chetan

    Yep, as Adi said, it looks a bit similar to LinkedIn homepage, but still a good change :)

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  • Nicole Price

    Aesthetically, it is much more appealing and gives one a feel good sensation about it. I agree with you that it is just the beginning, but if it is as good as this offer, I am all for it.

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  • Zurpit

    It looks a lot better than the old one but I haven’t noticed it either because I am always logged in

  • Dennis Edell

    Adi – I’d bet big that wasn’t a coincidence 😉

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  • SoLinkable

    Nooooo guys, its not a good change! Stop with the new facebook!

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  • PS3

    Why the concern Solinkable, it’s not a life changing event either way?

  • Christmas Guy

    I like any moderations and am for FB change. It looks much better than old version. Why not to enjoy its look.

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  • SEO next

    I have been getting this design from around 6 days now.. its a more user friendly design i guess…

  • Anthony.P

    I am all for a change since it gets a little stale with the old design.

  • Dr Blockbuster

    Well … Dr Blockbuster doesn’t care much for the new design.

    I wouldn’t get over-excited about the front-page, but the content layout is less … well … ergonomic! :ha!:

    Dr Blockbuster
    Networks & Forums guru

  • QuickPWN

    Looks better and more professional. I don’t really like Facebook though because they banned me without any explanation. I just registered an account and started an advertising campaign and then they banned me without telling me why.

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  • Facebook Friend Adder

    I didn’t really like this redesign that much. I guess I was complacent with the old design. It would be cool if they had a selection of designs and let the users decide the home page. That would be really using Web 2.0