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Good news: something positive has come out of this campaign after only 13,346,275,386 months (less than two to go!). In July, Google announced they’d begun transcribing the audio of political videos. Now, Google audio search graduates as a full-fledged Google Labs project, GAudi:
google audio index search results

I know what you’re thinking—Gaudí? Isn’t Gaudí that architect guy? Yeah, total rip off. (You weren’t thinking that? Weren’t you paying attention in Span345?)

Like the application it once was, GAudi still focuses on political videos. The text transcripts of the videos are searchable, and results are in video form with transcribed text. You can jump to the right point in the video by pushing the play button next to the text:
play points in gaudi results

In addition to searching, you can also sort the videos by candidate:
gaudi, google audio search, videos by candidate

According to its FAQ, GAudi currently works on YouTube’s political channels and uses its own speech recognition software. Eventually, the transcription and indexing will undoubtedly reach other YouTube videos: “the US election is just a first step. We see it as an experiment platform where we can learn what features make the best user experience for people looking for spoken content on the Web.”

Sounds like this technology will be integrated into universal SERPs in the future as well.

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Update: the official GAudi announcement from Google.