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If you’re a Windows user you can now download Google Chrome, the new web browser from Google.

Maybe if you’re switching from IE6, you might find Google Chrome to be cool. As a Firefox 3 user, I find myself thinking "what’s the big deal?"

All browsers have to start somewhere, right? It’s still early days, but this video from Google explains the engineering behind Google Chrome.

Have you tried Google Chrome? Let us know what you think of it.

  • Its a small software…and has many features ever wanted.
    Its like mixture of all the good features that we find in number of browsers.
    Anyway, its just the beginning. Google’s “Chrome” will be getting more features and more improvements over time.

    Congrats Google…..

  • The real reason they are doing this was actually admitted during the Q&A today.

    I quote:
    “Our hope is that by adding our voice, more users will realize there is a choice.”

    In other words, “We don’t care if they use Firefox or Google Chrome. We just don’t want them to use IE”

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  • This means no more support of Firefox by Google?

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  • Dean

    I agree that the browser itself is generally ho-hum, but the engineering story behind the browser is what caught my attention. The rethinking they have done on how a browser should operate behind the scenes (if you are to believe Google propaganda) is what differentiates it from IE and Firefox. I look forward to here the response from Redmond.

    Given Google’s core audience I suspect this will gain enormous traction and could be a serious threat to IE and Firefox. I can already hear Ballmer’s head explode 🙂 Suddenly the browser wars got a lot more interesting.

  • the less people using IE6 the better.

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  • I’ve actually been quite impressed so far – mainly with the speed at which it starts up (definitely the quickest startup of a web browser I’ve seen, ok, it hasn’t got the featuresof Firefox yet, but still quicker than a clean install of Firefox, quicker than IE7 and Opera too) and the rendering.

    I guess it will come into its own with more feature rich sites, such as GMail (which does seem very snappy).

    So far, so good. Not sure I’ll be switching from FF3 just yet though.

    I notice they’ve added a download link to and, so they’re pushing it from day one.

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  • i’m willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox, has tabs and isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

  • I notoiced that it said I could download it today – not sure if I will

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  • I like it. It takes up less memory and although simplistic, it’s faster! So far, so good.

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  • Downloaded and installed. The thing seems a bit bare of features, but so does the Google’s front page. It seems that since the browser is open-source and all that jazz – there might be more to come then we anticipate.

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  • I’ve downloaded and installed it. I love the simplicity and it loads pages much faster than any other browser out there, and I like that very much. It’s like a turbo charged browser. So I’m looking forward to what they have up their sleeves next for us.

    I like it so far…

  • I’ve set up this web browser and am quite happy about it

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  • I used the browser for a while today, and i must say, it is pretty impressive. The pages load pretty quickly.

  • Application shortcuts are the best, I always wanted this feature in my browser, really.

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  • I am quite happy with FireFox as it does all I need and more. Plus I find Google can be pretty mean and it wouldn’t surprise me if they use the browser to screw more people over.

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  • Looks like something new to try for. Firefox do provide me with very good plugins. How about google chrome?

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  • Frankly, I am not a first off the block trier of new things. I would rather wait and see what happens before I give up something that I am used to for something new and untried.

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  • I think Google got it right from the word go although it’s still in beta. I’m impressed by the speed and the clean look and feel of the interface. At first glance you may think it looks bare but there are some really cool features if you start poking your nose around. I use FF3 and I think it’s a good browser but Chrome shows it has got what it takes to go further when Goog moves it out of beta. One feature I like is the bookmarking. Great promise this Chrome.

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  • I’m rarely an early adopter, and I doubt I will be for Chrome. But in the long run I imagine I’ll be using it, particularly for the various Google applications that are steadily becoming more and more fundamental to my daily work.

    I’m already 100% on Gmail (POP’ing my various accounts directly into one master Gmail account) and have abandoned desktop email applications, and I use Google Reader for RSS feeds. Haven’t used docs much yet, but if Google integrates Chrome tightly with Docs then it could be an attractive option over Office.

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  • Chrome is disruptive technology.

    The interesting questions to me are not if Chrome (beta) is ready for prime time (it is not) or which established browser will suffer more (they all will.) What I find more interesting is that it appears to have all the trappings of a disruptive technology hiding in plain sight.

    I wrote more about this idea here:

    Google Chrome: Disruptive Technology

  • I don’t know if it is just me, but it seems to be a memory hog when it is running on Vista

  • I have downloaded and installed Chrome, so far I like, to be honest though I don’t see the point of it, because in my eyes firefox is alot better.

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  • Donna

    Just downloaded and love the bookmarking. I also noticed that Google Adwords loads about 100 times faster than in IE. Since I spend a good part of my working day in Adwords I will definitely use it for Adwords the speed is very impressive. Congratulations Google looks like a winner!

  • PS3

    @Symbian, I can’t see that Google would benefit from withdrawing support from other apps. It may think it is omnipetent but still doesn’t want to risk losing a major share of users.

  • Google Chrome will give Google a ton of information about people’s browsing habits. I wander if it’s their intent to use this browser for the purpose of improving their algorithm. If so, it will be interesting to see the changes that come about.