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Looking at the last several posts here at Marketing Pilgrim it looks like Google is getting pretty busy. While the rest of the world sits and wrings their hands about the economy and the end of the world as we know it, Google continues to invest, experiment and further cement its iconic position.

Now it is getting involved, albeit indirectly through investment, in getting internet connectivity to the under developed areas of the world. The company that is behind the latest effort to help make the internet truly global is 03b Networks which was founded and is run by Greg Wyler who is described in today’s WSJ as a 38 year old telecommunications entrepreneur. The ultimate goal of the company is to put as many as 16 satellites in the sky that would work to provide internet service to Africa, the Middle East and parts of Latin America by the end of 2010.

While this is not the first time this has been attempted the simple fact that Google is investing some undisclosed portion of the initial $60 million raised (the total cost to pull this off is stated at $65 million) makes it a bit unique. Not to bore you with the details but the idea is to get the signals to local service providers (not individual users) and they will then distribute the signal out over cellular networks or their own networks.

While Google is busy looking to handle the hiring of special high powered lawyers by the government to fight their deal with Yahoo! they are behind the scenes doing other things that will ultimately lead to more internet users to receive ads. Even though it is “behind the scenes” it actually appears on the front page of the Marketplace section of the paper along with the story about the potential US lawsuit against them. It’s the efforts like this one that go “almost” unnoticed but when one steps back and sees the larger world impact it shows Google may end up being bigger and more diverse then we can imagine. Think about it, in certain countries one day they may only need to dial 888-GOOGLE to get internet connectivity, phone service and access to all the goods and services they would ever want.

Sounds far-fetched I suppose but is it really?

  • On the contrary, it is well within the realms of possibility. This is the way that the rest of the world will catch up with the advanced countries by leap frogging into the wireless world. Simultaneous developments in computing and making devices cheaper is bound to improve communications and therefore education and therefore prosperity to billions of people now out of the loop. If not Google, some other entity or entities will do it. This is what technology should be doing and the guys behind this proposal have the vision to do it. All good luck to them.

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  • I guess Google will even start selling pc one day……..

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  • Where there is data…there will be Google.

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  • I’m thrilled that anyone — companies, governments, NGOs, individuals, whoever — are working on bridging the global digital divide. By leveling the playing field of information access, they’re helping to change the world.

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  • I don’t care who makes the money or who will make money from this project but this will be a dream come true for many countries.

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  • I’m sure one day Google will get into offline business too. Or even it doen’t, at least Google will control it through online world.

  • Google is google..Now days top of everything is google ….even we all read about google and keep eye on there activities. But yes i agree if its for good cause everyone appreciate it even its gives huge benifts for google …:)

  • Google is definitley spreading their wings, and this is in no doubt far-fetched. I think Google does thorough resaerch and feasibility studies before attempting a new venture, so they probably have a strategy or strategies that will make it possible to execute.

  • MGA

    I guess the title explains everything. Couldn’t be more agreed..!

  • More traffic better for us webmasters.

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  • In a way, Google are simply securing their main revenue streams. They rely on business and individuals having an internet connection so efforts like this and opening up the TV spectrum help them to ensure internet access is still widely available.

    Of course, I also believe that Google is making a genuine effort to make a difference in the world. Many people would be cynical but I like to believe in peoples good side.

  • I don’t agree – Google is like many other businesses – good intentions but driven by profit as well. Mat Cutts has a devil in one ear and an angel in the other 🙂

    Google show pretty pictures on their home page reminding people about interesting events – but they also want to own the world – Global Google Maps 🙂 Don’t trust anyone especially in a commercial environment………