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Google Search Options Live?

Less than two weeks ago, Google Blogoscoped blogged about a prototypical Google SERP with extra search options available right in the blue results bar. When Philipp covered the search options SERP, he noted that you could view the layout, which resembled a Google Experimental SERP, by adding a bit of JavaScript to the URL of a Google SERP.

Or, today, you could view it like I did—by just typing in a search.

google search options

By default, search options are toggled off. When you expand the search options, you can refine the results by the date the pages were created and/or change the information you view from the page, adding:

  • longer text
  • dates and places
  • images from the page or
  • publication date

Depending on the type of search you’re doing, of course, these features could definitely come in handy. What do you think of the search options? Are you seeing them live?