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Stories of Google attempting to steal away big spending clients from advertising agencies have circulated the web for years. It’s no secret that Google is willing to pull out all the stops to try and get a company to deal directly with them. Now, it seems that Google is trying to make peace with ad agencies–or at least bribe them with free stuff.

The most visible part of the new Google strategy is an event called Campus@, which started up in the spring. So far the Campus@ team, which has a core of six employees, has held six events, including one for Leo Burnett, which is part of the Publicis Groupe.

“We essentially take Google — our people, our products, our food, our tchotchkes — roll into the lobbies and give people the chance to interact with Google,” Ms. Clift said. The events are “a fantastic way to ingratiate ourselves,” she said.

Some agencies are eating this stuff up, while others remain cautious. If it were me, I’d be checking the free Google lava lamps for microphones and spy cameras! 😉

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  • I don’t think they’re sucking up so much as scoping them out for future acquisitions.

    Google has got to do something with all the cash they have washing around, and bringing an agency on board would make a lot of sense for them as they continue to own search marketing.

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  • You’d be shocked at some of the stuff they send and give agencies. Anything from cameras to front row tickets to major concerts

  • I was just talking with a friend at an ad agency about Google slowly killing their business – I wonder if he has received anything or heard of such events…probably just for the Ultra Huge agencies?

    Definitely a good idea to check the lava lamps for the spy kit.

    It’s not a bad idea to get the agencies on their side, there’s nothing better than a trusted source batting for you.

  • I thought Google was the biggest ad agency…

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  • Well I think Google has a trick up their sleeves with this. We should just wait and see. I wonder… Google what are you up to now???

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  • And why not? Google is a business! They know, or at least should know which side of the bread is buttered!

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  • I believe Google never plays to loose, better to say Google plays to win. Moving ahead a leader style and any thing is fair in war so the war continues for survival for the fittest and Google has proved to be one of the most dominating search engines. if Google is trying to penetrate and suck Ad agencies for future acquisition, then I would say all Google lovers are waiting to celebrate another Google win, acquisition. Good Luck!!

  • I also heard news about that.I think Google will acquire the whole Ad system one day.

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  • Seems like all things are possible to Google.

  • Is anyone else getting scared at the power and size of Google?

    They are the glasses most people use to view the internet and they have a huge influence on what the user sees and does not see. They can make some information hard to find and others easy.

    Google will get what they want, when they want…


  • yeap, Google is becoming more poweful day by day and it frightens…

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  • it’s funny to hear this.

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  • Their lava lamps are pieces of crap. They break in no time flat.

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  • 2008 = 1984

    I think Sergei Brin’s real name is O’Brien 😮