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While we all thought Google’s Android was merely a way for Google to make it easier for is AdWords ads to appear on your cell phone, a new patent filing could reveal a larger goal.

A bidding system where wireless providers bid to offer the lowest calling rates for your unlocked cell phone.

Here’s how ComputerWorld describes the new Google patent application:

…When at home, the device would attach to the user’s Wi-Fi network…But once outside, the device could periodically search for other available service providers, asking the service providers to bid for the chance to offer service to the customer. The device could automatically switch to the network that has the best price without interrupting a user’s voice call or data connection.

On the back end, a program on the phone could contact each of the available networks individually, or the phone could instead communicate with a central server that handles the negotiations with each service provider.

I’m guessing that “central server” might be called AdWords. 😉

Like many of Google’s patent application, this might not ever see the light of day, but what a cool concept.

Would you be in favor of a system that lets wireless providers compete for your calls?

  • At this point in time, just about anything that would offer more reasonable cell rates in Canada would be a welcome addition,possible ads notwithstanding.

  • I liked the idea of wireless providers to compete for my calls. Why I like this?

    I went to Niagra Falls this June and staying inside the US also I was hooked to Canadian network for some reason. Hence i was billed at a higher rate from T-mobile. When I called back asking what’s going on then they explained me the situation. I said I have no Canadian visa on my passport so i never left US land, why should i pay then? They said when you go to border area then keep looking your screen and if that is not T-mobile in your network then turn off the device. Isn’t it cool to have the liberty to keep your phone on and have the rest decided later or you want me to check my device every minute to figure out who is the provider. They didn’t refund my charges, bad t-mobile customer care.

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  • If it would lower my bills, why not?

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  • Not at the expense of having to listen, or view an ad before getting or making my call!

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  • Frank Reed

    Man, pretty soon Google may have us bidding for the air I breathe. Although this may never see the light of day just the thought of it having a “heartbeat” is interesting and weird all at the same time.

  • This is another cool idea from Google, but it would seem to be very hectic because they would have to bid for every cell phone

  • How long would it be before the spammers figure out how to hack in there?

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  • this is like asterisk VOIP system. You can have lots of providers and then your system will find the cheapest provider for you in real time. To do this right, it needs to be seamless on the device and the backend for publishers or voice providers.
    Ads will then follow to reduce cc call costs.

  • Zurpit – It would not be too hectic!

    The financial world does it with Puts & Calls millions of times per day –

    The setup would be the tough part – and beating the telco’s into doing it

    Elliot Ross’s last blog post..Do We Really Need this?

  • I agree with Elliot….have to listen to, or view an ad before I make a call. I think not.

  • I doubt you’d have to listen to an ad first. Google would make money on those bidding for your call time.

  • I really like this idea for cell phone providers to bid for my business, but I don’t want to have to listen to (or see) an ad before I make a call!

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  • Adds a new meaning to Pay-Per-Call.

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  • This stuff is getting ridiculous! Are you kidding me? Offering ads through someones cell phone? If I have to see an ad before I make a call, this is very abusive and these marketers are pushing this crap on people. How about I only use my phone in emergencies and I only use my cellphone to text instead of making calls? How does that sound!

  • Google is everywhere!!