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I warned you. I really did. But now it’s officially upon us—today’s the first day of Fall.

  • I’m glad you prioritized the links based on importance. 😉

    Good luck to “The Lisa.”

  • re: “Last week, Yahoo defended the Google ad deal with an example search for [red roses in birmingham alabama]. Danny Sullivan scrutinizes that example and finds the issue isn’t reach but Yahoo’s poor ad targeting. But why get better when you can get rich, right?”

    Google can and will do Evil. We need some semblance of competition to keep it fair for the end user.

  • Do I detect a hint of sarcasm there, Andy? 🙂

    Thanks for the mention, Jordan. But don’t cry for me, there’s still Twitter. It’ll be like I’m still here! 🙂

  • Jordan McCollum

    Then I just might have to sign up for Twitter. (I know, I’m the last SEO blogger on Earth not to be on Twitter!)

    And, yes, of course I put the most important story first. Lisa was so kind to me when I was just starting out . . . oh crap, now I AM going to cry.

  • Jordan McCollum

    @Breakline—the point of “why get better when you can get rich” is that Yahoo won’t innovate because they don’t have to. Rather than improving their product, they’re taking the easy way out.

    Always knew they were a daaaaay tripper. One way ticket, yeah.

  • I love google books search but i don’t like google code search. I run into crap results when i search some codes in google code search.

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  • i’m usually quite wary of attempts to impose regulation in relation to the internet. and there’s quite a logistical issue as well since geographical boundaries tend not to matter as much online, a fact which makes regulation by any one country that much more diluted.

    but at the same time, online advertising which tends to decrease online privacy worries me as well.

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  • That would be a bad idea for face book to bring back beacon, they already made a bad decision about changing the design.