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Oh my goodness, it’s Linky Goodness! (You know you missed it!)

  • Joining Yahoo in an effort to increase their ad sales sounds like an unenviable job right now. For whatever reason, their ad network has just not taken off in the way that Google’s has.

    And as someone who occasionally buys PPC advertising, their interface is horrendously difficult to work with compared with that of Google.

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  • Well, considering Spotrunner is in a major reorg that resulted in layoffs in August I suspect she was either brought in as a hatchet (do the firing from a distance of sorts) or she was sold a bill of goods that was not real. Either way it sounds like she jumped from T Rex (Microsoft) to the Titanic (Spotrunner) and is trying to get to safe ground but may have landed on the island in “Lost”. Is Yahoo! part of the Darma Initiative considering its mystery and apparent inability to tell people exactly what it does?

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  • You bet I missed it. Welcome back.

    In the IT industry, moves keep happening all the time. This is what perhaps generates such great debates about labor shortage in the industry.

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  • Re: Microsoft lost CMO Joanne Bradford

    Well let’s wait and see if she’ll really take Yahoo! to the heights they are aiming for, as Yahoo! is not as self-selling as Microsoft is. So it will be a bit harder, even though Yahoo! is a big brand in it’s own right.

  • AnswerMan

    She could not mount an effective campaign against the world’s most award winning discount TV ad agency CheapTVSpots which produces quality custom made TV and web video ads with air time for far less than spotruiner. I would have gone to Yahoo, too, especially if the Microsoft bridge was burned in some way. And She would have just gotten lost in Google’s antitrust issues.