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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer still believes that catching Google in search, is a "five-year task." Considering he made that statement back in May of 2006–and again this week–it’s clear that Ballmer is not committing to which five years he’s talking about. We’re guessing Microsoft has tasked a white-haired scientist to harness the power of 1.21 gigawatts! 😉

"It’s a five-year task," he said, with a smile. "It’s a long-term task."

To succeed, he said, the company will have to find a way to fundamentally change the experience and the economics of search. "You have to redefine the category," Ballmer said. "We’ve taken some steps in that direction."

Can we believe Ballmer’s prediction? Well, during the same speech, he also predicted that Apple’s iPhone wouldn’t be "battling for the big part" of the smartphone business.

I’ll have what Steve’s having!

  • omnicronx

    Apples worldwide sales for the Iphone are predicted to be 10 million by the end of the year. Meanwhile worldwide smartphone sales just for Q2 of 2008 was 32 million (which includes rim, nokia, HTC, etc) That kind of dwarfs Apples in comparison. HTC alone, whom mainly cell windows mobile phones are predicted to cell around 5 million smartphones this year.(by gartner)

    Apple’s closed system will hinder them in terms of hardware sales, but could be great for software sales. Although I don’t necessarily agree that it will be a windows based OS that will have the majority of users, I will say that smartphones will outnumber the Iphone and Blackberry by a large amount in the next 10 years. Who knows, maybe it is already happening

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  • Perhaps we can just assume that Microsoft will always be 5 years behind Google? 🙂

    sheppy’s last blog post..Static URLs vs dynamic URLs – all cleared up?

  • It seems that Microsoft will always be behind Google when it comes to search engines but it doesn’t matter for them because of all their other departments

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