Breaking: Google’s Marissa Mayer Shops at J.C. Penney!

OK, so the above headline would make Valleywag smile, but I figured that “Marissa Mayer discusses the future of search” would have left you saying; “what, again!”

As a tenuous follow-up to her recent Q&A, Google’s Mayer takes the time to provide her thoughts on what the future of search might have in store–and yes, she does talk about J.C. Penney.

Her predictions range from science fiction:

For example, when the topic of the oldest living thing came up during a boat ride, everyone in the conversation was curious about it, but no one wanted to break out an awkward, slow device to do a search. It would be much nicer if we had a device with great connectivity that could do searches without interruption. One far-fetched idea: how about a wearable device that does searches in the background based on the words it picks up from conversations, and then flashes relevant facts?

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Pilgrim’s Picks for September 10 – Google Overload Edition

Today’s Picks mostly come from my desire to not overwhelm you with tons of Google news. I wish Microsoft or Yahoo–or anyone–would do something worthy of attention. Until that happens, it’s all Google, all the time. :-(

Google Adds Homepage Bling During Fashion Week

Darlin’ you look absolutely divine in that new iGoogle theme! You must tell me the name of your designer?

As Fashion Week hits high gear, Google has joined in with the launch of 28 new iGoogle themes–designed by top fashion designers and musicians.

This group is amazing, spanning a wide range of styles and genres: Radiohead and Gnarls Barkley used radiant colors; Gucci, Burberry, and Vera Wang illustrated beautiful patterns; and Bob Dylan and Celine Dion created an iconic look (of course). So depending on what you’re interested in, there’s lots of great art to choose from to suit your personality, taste or mood.

Wait, did they say Gnarls Barkley? This Gnarls Barkley?

Another Search for Relevance…..It’s Now AOL’s Turn

AOLIt think there is a tipping point of sorts when a once dominant player in an industry is described as a making a bid to remain relevant. That PR kiss of death was offered by the WSJ for AOL’s latest efforts to prove that it has a place at the adult table this Thanksgiving. I have a feeling that the folks at Yahoo! breathe a sigh of relief every time they come to the realization that their continued slide into mediocrity pales in comparison to the AOL fast track to internet oblivion that has people like me asking “Oh, they ‘re still around?”.

Linky Goodness, September 9

Oh my goodness, it’s Linky Goodness! (You know you missed it!)

Blogs (HUH): What Are They Good For?

If someone asked you today what your blog does for your site and your business, what would you say? MarketingSherpa asked almost 4000 people the same question (free access for a limited time). The number one response? The blog “improves our web presence through search/feeds.”

Other important benefits from blogs cited in the survey included access to journalists and customers, establishing thought leadership, and generating leads: marketing sherpa chart: what blogs are good for

MarketingSherpa cited three important factors that contributed to a blog’s success:

  1. Genuine, heartfelt content
  2. Regular updates
  3. Focus

As with personal blogs, corporate blogs need to find a niche, engage readers and keep them reading. Content feels “genuine” when blog posts “stand out in contrast to the massaged language of corporate marketing and PR materials. Like sitting next to an expert on a plane, the best blogs provide highly useful information in a brief and informal setting.”