Pilgrim’s Picks for September 24

I’m back from Durango, CO. Such a cool little town–I felt like I caught a glimpse of the wild west days. Anyway, while I work to catch-up on my inbox, I’ll leave you to digest today’s Picks.

  • Is there really a third Google co-founder and was he dissed by Page and Brin?
  • Google Webmaster Central blog is once again answering your questions.
  • In case you care, Google In Quotes launches to make it easier for you to compare McCain and Obama on different topical issues.
  • Is Google Chrome losing its shine (groan!)? It appears the percentage of Google Chrome users is starting to decline.
  • Yotify is our token "non Google" Pick for the day. A neat idea, Yotify lets you set up custom "scouts" to search the web for anything from hotel deals to price reductions on your favorite gadgets.

Why I Think the New “Pop-Up” Study is Flawed

Ars Technica has details of a new study from the excellent (yes, I’m biased) Psychology Department of North Carolina State University. Basically, they created a series of “pop-up” windows designed to look like system messages, but could easily have been viruses.

The results?

Of the 42 students, 26 clicked the OK button for the “real” dialog. But 25 clicked the same button for two of the fakes, and 23 hit OK on the third (the one with the status bar showing). Only nine of them closed the window—two fewer than had closed the real dialog. In all cases, a few of the users simply minimized the window or dragged it out of the way, presumably leaving the machine’s next user at risk.

Is Carl Icahn Behind Yahoo’s New Talks with AOL?

How about a little game of Jeopardy? Here’s your "Mergers & Acquisitions" question for $500.

"He owns shares in Time Warner, was just named to the Yahoo board (along with two cohorts) and appears to be behind a new talks with Time Warner’s AOL unit."

If you answered "Who is Carl Icahn?" then you and I are on the same page.

The eternal disrupter, Carl Icahn’s rear end is barely warming his seat on Yahoo’s board, and we’re already seeing reports that the company is once again interested in negotiating with AOL.

The green light for the talks came as Yahoo’s directors met for the first time since activist investor Carl Icahn was granted access to the boardroom. Mr Icahn and two allies, former Viacom (NYSE:VIA.B) boss Frank Biondi and former Nextel head Frank Chapple, were given seats at the board table as part of a settlement to head off a revolt at the internet company’s last shareholder meeting.

Gphone Is Here (Almost)

the first android gphone, T-Mobile G1The much-discussed, oft-denied-until-confirmed Google Android “Gphone” is . . . here. Almost. Today’s announcement doesn’t come from the pages of the Wall Street Journal (okay, well, I did see it there, too), but from Google itself.

The announcement? T-Mobile has the first Google Android “Gphone,” the G1. If you pre-order the phone for $179.99 (plus taxes and fees; two-year agreement required), it will be delivered to your door—”as early as” 22 October 2008.

Comparisons to the iPhone are inevitable, but can I just say my jaw actually dropped watching the Flash movie with its features?

  • Touch screen
  • Customizable home screen
  • Phone flips open for a full QWERTY keyboard
  • Three megapixel camera

Linky Goodness, September 23

The G1 Gphone will probably dominate the news today, but Google has made a few other interesting announcements (plus one from Hulu).

Linky Goodness, September 22

I warned you. I really did. But now it’s officially upon us—today’s the first day of Fall.

Blogosphere Grows, Posting Slows

Two weeks ago, I gave a class on blogging. No, don’t worry, you didn’t miss the announcement and the chance to rub elbows with my fabulousness, it was a class for my sister’s church, as only a handful of people had expressed interest. She and I weren’t sure anyone would come at all. However, nearly twice as many people as we expected showed up. Of those, only one didn’t have a blog.

This year’s State of the Blogosphere report from Technorati says that blogs have “arrived”—”blogs are a global phenomenon that has hit the mainstream.” Last issued in April 2007, the S/B is an annual yardstick of the trends in the world of blogging at large.