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Today’s Picks mostly come from my desire to not overwhelm you with tons of Google news. I wish Microsoft or Yahoo–or anyone–would do something worthy of attention. Until that happens, it’s all Google, all the time. :-(

  • Browsers News

    Oyoala? or ooyaola?
    ooyoaola or whatever?

    What kind of name is that?

    Browsers News’s last blog post..Got Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) and Gmail Issues? Forget them.

  • Utah SEO Pro

    I thoroughly enjoyed Eric Land’s rant on negative results in the SERPs. He has valid points.

    Utah SEO Pro’s last blog post..Building an SEO Friendly Site – SES San Jose 2008 Presentation

  • iPod Fan

    I agree with you Utah. Eric’s article was a good read.

    I too no longer believe the “do no evil” motto of Google’s. Some of the points Eric Land makes are interesting and yes a lot are valid.


  • Nick Stamoulis

    Funny how Google has full control over what appears in the SERPs and can’t even push down their bad results.

  • Goran Web Design

    Damn, Google is taking over the world! It’s amazing how “Google” seems to appear evrywhere lately. They are really spreading their wings, flying high with no limits. But I’m a bit nervous with the sudden and very rapid growth. I hope they don’t come crashing down.

  • chat

    thank you

  • netlog