Pilgrim’s Picks for September 22 – Fishing for News Edition

I’m currently in the pretty town of Durango, CO. I’m here to speak to a group of government CIOs about the benefits of social media. However, after checking into my room–and taking the photo below from my balcony–I wish I were here to just fish.

Fly Fishing in Durango

No big announcements in the world today, but here’s what I managed to hook ;-)

  • The New York Times explains why advertisers have nothing to fear from a Google/Yahoo deal.
  • Meanwhile, TechCrunch rebukes the NYT and explains why we have everything to fear.
  • Google announces a new blog directory and iGoogle widget to help you keep track of all the official Google blog posts.
  • The Blog Council and Gas Pedal announce a one day seminar on "How Big Companies Use Social Media." Mark your calendars for October 28; San Jose Convention Center.
  • CIO Today has an in-depth–if not eclectic–look at online reputation management.