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I’m back from Durango, CO. Such a cool little town–I felt like I caught a glimpse of the wild west days. Anyway, while I work to catch-up on my inbox, I’ll leave you to digest today’s Picks.

  • Is there really a third Google co-founder and was he dissed by Page and Brin?
  • Google Webmaster Central blog is once again answering your questions.
  • In case you care, Google In Quotes launches to make it easier for you to compare McCain and Obama on different topical issues.
  • Is Google Chrome losing its shine (groan!)? It appears the percentage of Google Chrome users is starting to decline.
  • Yotify is our token "non Google" Pick for the day. A neat idea, Yotify lets you set up custom "scouts" to search the web for anything from hotel deals to price reductions on your favorite gadgets.
  • Wow that Google inQuotes thing is pretty insane and what a better time to launch it then now! I guess this will hold publications far more liable for what they print as “truth” in terms of quotes!

  • Nick, I think the application was built with the election in mind, rather than building a quotes application without an objective.

    Could be wrong though!

    sheppy’s last blog post..The Eagle has landed…

  • it’s interesting to know that there’s been a decline in chrome users. i do wonder though what reasons are causing these users to return to their previous browsers.

    kouji’s last blog post..haiku poem: dry

  • I think it’s a tad early for a Chrome backlash, don’t you! I’ve hardly had a chance to use it yet and it’s already over? Oy.

    Ami Ohayon’s last blog post..From Jerusalem to Boston

  • Its great that Google is answering our questions, also how is chrome declining? Its still in beta