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Happy Monday morning to you. I trust that you had a good weekend and weren’t bothered too much by any of the Hurricanes wreaking havoc lately. In Raleigh we had about 5-6" of rain but fortunately not much else.

Today’s Picks are ready for your perusal:

  • LOL @ the Matt Cutts story… borderline creepy 😀

    Otilia @ Ad Ops Online’s last blog post..Five Taps Brightcove to Launch Advertising-Supported Internet Video for Top News and Entertainment Web Properties

  • I just never liked matt… no question of dreaming about him.

    SEO forums’s last blog post..Backlinks.Com – Make easy money with your Blog

  • Awesome links! Glad to come across your blog.

    Blogging Millionaire’s last blog post..7 Things Bloggers Need to Do Right Now

  • Otilia – borderline? No, it’s w-a-y over the border line for me!

    I mean, I like Matt, but I don’t like him like him, if you know what I mean …

    Ami Ohayon’s last blog post..From Jerusalem to Boston

  • Whats wrong with Matt Cutts. I think he is alright, ok maybe I dont dream about him either, but the guys okay.

    House Signs’s last blog post..House Signs – Hand Painted Signs by Trudy Silcox

  • PS3

    A very interesting article on the wild west of SEO, Andy. I had not even heard of the term “widget bait” previously and personally think it is a neat concept.

    Google clearly take a different view but surely that still leaves it open to abuse by those who just want a quick hit of traffic and are not in for the long game.

    Quote of the article was “90% is in the middle”, which sums up how gray SEO is!

  • dwnindabricks

    This is so creepy. I was recently reading an article from Business Leader Magazine ( this company, that article led me to the website, from there I went to the pressroom link and found that the CEO of the company was the same guy that was featured on the cover of another magazine I read often, Opportunity World. I remembered seeing that article but didn’t pay it too much attention until now. I see that this search engine is buzzing all over the place. I guess I’m a little behind the curve because I’ve found that everyone I talk to about it seems to have already heard about it and many are already using it.
    Thanks for the pic, I’m gonna keep my eye on this one.

  • Matt Cutts dreams, oh man I KID YOU NOT I really had this dream.

    The night before the Marketing Pilgrim Scholarship Contest winner was to be announced, I had a dream that I was on my way to a movie theater in Deep Cove, North Vancouver (5 minutes from my house. There is not really a theater there – aren’t dreams random? And of course, to announce the winner — of all the places in the world, you’d come to a dinky cinema North Van, right?)

    Okay, so I’m at the theater for the announcement but, you know, nature calls – so, when I get back the announcement has already been made. I missed the whole thing. Then Matt Cutts turns around and says, don’t worry – it was you.

    Linda Bustos’s last blog post..Book Review: Always Be Testing

  • I like and dream about Matt. Is it too suprising for anybody?

    Ashley’s last blog post..Angel Cookies – Christmas Recipe

  • In that Wild West SEO one it mentioned widget spamming – what it is? – Like making free to use widgets with your link embedded and encrypted?

    Otooo’s last blog post..Results Of The Contest

  • @Linda – wow! If you ever dream the lottery numbers, drop me a line! 😉

  • Best click fraud protection has only Google Adsense.

    Symbian’s last blog post..Free VoIP Symbian app Fring now on Nokia E71

  • Every time it is talked about serp quality never a lot on adsense quality. I would like someone from Google to address this someday. The main money making engine for Google is Adsense and “how good are they at this”?

    All the webmasters are biased with money is that also Google?

    San Nayak’s last blog post..BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Bartlett, Chicago, IL, 60103