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If you’ve tried–and hated–Google Chrome, you’d better disconnect from the internet-tubes for the next day or two–the news is just buzzing with Google’s entry into the browser space.

For those of you who with a rebel yell for "more, more, more," I’m happy to oblige.

First, in case you weren’t invited to the exclusive Google Chrome launch demo, here’s the video:

Second, co-founder Sergey Brin explains why it took so long for Google to launch a web browser:

Next-up, Google’s Matt Cutts explains when and how Google Chrome shares data with Google and answers some common questions about Google’s motives.

Lastly, maybe you shouldn’t worry so much about Google spying on your browsing habits. It’s the hackers you should worry about–they’ve already found a security flaw in Google Chrome.

  • Actually, I don’t really want to try this new browser. I’m trying to avoid the addiction of Google. But reading that this browser has many good features, I’m a bit interested now

  • I gave up IE for Firefox and now to give that up for in house offering from google seems a nasty thing to do. In any case, I would rather wait for a while till the beta version gets stabilized and then think about downloading.

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  • I wonder how many months it’ll take for people to stop talking about it as much on every social platform?

    This is getting a ton of buzz…as it should.

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  • if anyone takes a hit from Chrome getting released it will be Firefox; much of IE’s users are people who don’t want to be bothered with downloading another browser, so is suspect Microsoft is relatively safe

  • Dave

    I can’t use Chrome at work because of the info that appears in the new tabs. Even though the frequently visited websites are visited before I start work, during lunch and after I clock out, there they are for all to see. It would create a potentially embarrassing situation if ALL of the most visited sites were not work related.

    Even worse… Most of my most frequently visited websites revolve around politics and religion. I have extreme views on both subjects and I try my best to keep that sort of thing private.

    I know that I can open a new “incognito” window but then all the cookies get erased and it’s a pain to log into everything, every time, etc…

    The personal info display makes Chrome more of a professional hazard than anything.

  • As for me I like this web browser and tend to prefer using it daily

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  • This move by Google is great news for investors. It demonstrates Google’s willingness to go into White Space to compete more aggressively in rapidly shifting markets. Microsoft and other laggard behemoths had better be concerned about a company ready to disrupt existing markets like Google. Read more at

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  • Jon

    I loaded Chrome and tried it for about 5 minutes. Then I closed it for good. This interface is simply awful. I loathed it for the same reasons I can’t stand IE7. Why on earth Google wanted to copy that monstrosity is beyond me.

    I’m livid.

  • I am excited that it is opensource, not that I know any programming, but so far I have been impressed with opensource projects (like wordpress) and the useful plugins that people create.

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  • Google Chrome is taking the world by storm. It seems like anything that’s branded with the “Google” logo becomes a great success. I love the browser, it makes surfing much more faster and efficient. And it can only get better from here.

  • I agree with what Goran has said, my feelings are that google already have so much control of the internet that even if they release a extremely similar product(knol) to one thats already on the market(wikipedia, squidoo) it will still take the WWW by storm.

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  • Clearly Chrome isn’t ready for prime time, nor even set to replace any of the current fully released browsers.

    It is though, the first step in creating more and superior competition on the net. Previously all Microsoft had to do was keep dumping money into their products and they would eventually crush their competition.

    With Chrome, Google opens a new front in their fight against Microsoft, first by delivering a decent early beta and telling the world that they are “in the game” and second by making it open source (with strong support from Google) so programmers everywhere can support it.

    For everyone worried about “Google taking over the world”, people used to say the same about Microsoft. Now look at what’s happening.

    Michael Adams

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  • Dan

    Does anyone else think it looks a bit Windows 3.1? I know I’m a designer and everything, and maybe I’m missing the point, but I prefer Safari, or Firefox 3, interface-wise. Also I found the lack of top menu a pain when trying to get into my history. A bit unintuitive.

  • PS3

    Windows 3.1? Now, there’s a blast to the past.

    I think it is clean and crisp, albeit I am not yet ready to give up FireFox.

  • the google Chrome without doubt that the most popular issue these days.

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