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Take a look at these two headlines:

U.K. SEM Spend Slows, Signaling Market Maturity

JPMorgan analyst lowers online ad forecast, says economic weakness hurting Internet

Time to call it quits as an online marketer and find a new job? Hardly!

Whenever you see headlines like this, be sure to read the entire article. In this case, you’d see that the "weakness" and "slows" in online advertising are still much healthier than other industries; say real estate or the auto industry.

So, what’s up with the state of the online advertising industry? Well, in the UK…

[E-consultancy’s] 2008 search engine marketing buyer’s guide, released this week, predicts that SEM spend in the U.K. will rise by 24 percent in 2008, down from 58 percent year on year growth in 2007 and 65 percent growth in 2006.

Total spend is therefore predicted to reach around £2.75 billion ($4.9 billion) this year, up from a £2.2 billion ($3.9 billion) spend in 2007.

Not bad, considering the size of the industry. Also, SEO spend is still expected to achieve 32% growth in 2008 (in the UK).

Even in the US–which is arguably in a recession–online advertising spend still continues to grow, albeit less quickly. And, when you look at the paid search channel, analysts are still predicting 27% growth in 2008 and 26% growth in 2009. Not bad, eh?

Sure, the online marketing industry will be impacted by economic conditions, but I wouldn’t panic and go get your real estate license just yet. 😉

  • Given the economy, it’s bound to flatten some … I think a more interesting (or at least, equally interesting) number will be what happens to both online advertising and online purchasing in the run up to Christmas.

    My prediction? The pie won’t grow this year, but the proportion of total spend that happens online, both advertising and consumer spending, will increase greatly year to year.

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  • Interesting, first thing I have seen about a pull back in spending. I would be willing to bet the majority of the cut back are coming from major companies who are cutting costs, regardless of performance, to appease shareholders.

  • PS3

    We (here in the UK) have spent the last 6 months talking ourselves towards recession and bemoaning the credit crunch. It is like a self fullfilling prophecy.

    I agree with Ami that a large proportion of what spending there is will move towards the internet. It is the high street stores that will suffer most.

  • If one sees the results it will spend much money on online advertising, so it is not a suprise for me!

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  • More and more people are moving from offline to online advertising.

  • The recession has definitely caught up to the internet but is not affecting it to the degree of other markets.

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  • It shows how powerful the internet really is, when people are still spending on the internet for their marketing, but slowing, or stopping elsewhere though the credit crunch. I think especially for bad credit loans, the internet is the best place to advertise.

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  • That why smart folks like me don’t get paid.