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If you didn’t catch last night’s airing of the new Microsoft TV ads, featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, you can watch it below:

Microsoft execs say that the ad is designed to start a discussion and that future ads will feature more information about Microsoft’s actual products.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it has everyone talking about Microsoft.

  • Oh no. Oh, no!

    Terrible ad, awful ad … ads like this are why Apple has a business.

    If it’s aimed at the business market, which they already own, it’s pointless. If it’s aimed at consumers, they missed by a mile.

    Ami Ohayon’s last blog post..From Jerusalem to Boston

  • For $300 million, I don’t think it’s so amazing.

    Vlad Balan’s last blog post..Another cool premium WordPress theme, Unique Blog Design’s Citrus

  • You are right. You have got two high profile men doing something, quite what is unimportant, but people start discussing the ad. If it is the first of many more to come, the impact will be felt later I suppose.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Good Deals on Sporting Goods

  • Boring.
    A good advertising video doesn’t need a (locally) famous actor and the Boss of the company (more famous than the overpaid actor).
    It is all about the idea, the emotion that is generated by watching the video.
    In this case: no emotion.

    Moreover the language used is not suited for international markets. 90% of the world population who do understand English will have problems with the words spoken.

    Bill Gates is to stiff to wiggle (at the end of the video).

    Want to see a series of good B2B video’s with emotion?

  • In typical Seinfeld style a commercial about nothing! What a suitable match for a company that is going no where!

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Bloggers deserve real tips not stolen goods!

  • LMAO @ Joe Hall

  • “Who do we get for this commercial?” “Let’s get that guy, the funny man, he’s all the rage with the kids.” “Yeah he did that movie with the Bee, I think it was a big hit, you know, with the kids.” “Yeah, animated movies are all the rage nowadays, with the kids.”

    Microsoft… continuing to show us how they are the old man in the club of the computing world.

    Terry Howard’s last blog post..It Only Rains in New Orleans… Apparently

  • PS3

    I agree Nicole – the mere fact that we are all discussing the ad means that it is somehow doing its job.

  • Thought provoking to all us people who are regular internet users but to the average consumer? I’m not so sure.

    Apple adverts are much simpler but much more effective. Take note Microsoft, take note…

  • Scott

    Boooh! I was expecting alot more out of Jef & MS. The only conversation starter was Bill shaking his grove thing in the parking lot — even after 5-10 takes he couldn’t get his back into it! Big disappointment for me. Maybe if Kosmo, Georgey or Frank show up in a future shoot it will take better. I was yelling “serenity now!!” when it first aired.

  • @Terry…I really like Seinfeld, so I think he’s a good choice, but the ad simply sucks.

    Vlad Balan’s last blog post..Another cool premium WordPress theme, Unique Blog Design’s Citrus

  • Ilya

    Well actually, for $1 billion this wasn’t that good. Oh well, better luck next time.

  • JDW

    Hmm… is there no room for any creative ads anymore? Was it the most competitive-minded ad we’ve seen from Microsoft? Probably not. Did it get you as well as thousands more talking about it? You bet it did. Two highly recognizable individuals walking through daily life, which is indeed what the point was, to get a conversation started. I think it worked. I think it proves a point that many a blogger or critic has missed. The simple fact that Microsoft, and yes even Vista, is an important part of people’s daily lives and many people still rely on it.
    Was it effective marketing? Well, regardless of what you believe about the quality or whether it “sucks” or not, it got you talking and they didn’t even have to find a Jobs look-a-like. Go figure… creative marketing working just like it should. It’s the start of a campaign, not a sole endeavor. Good luck Microsoft, you’re an important player in many people’s lives.

  • Boring or brilliant??? How about insane?!

    I think it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Bill Gates isn’t just eccentric; he’s a certifiable kook. To me the ad was a cry for help, or maybe a public message about Alzheimers.

    The other possibility is that, having given up on competing with Apple and Google, Bill Gates really is attempting to make a computer that tastes like chocolate cake.

    I’ll have more to say about this ad on my Bill Gates “knol.”

  • LOL @David Blomstrom, That’s great!!!

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Bloggers deserve real tips not stolen goods!

  • Fortunately I didn’t expect much so I was certainly not disappointed! This ad was just plain dreadful. After the first time my wife and I exchanged the “What the heck was that?” glance. The second time I tried to like it (I still love Seinfeld’s series …. personally I think his stand up is average at best)but once Bill went to adjust his shorts I nearly tossed my cookies. Well, like I said, the expectation was that the ads would be at worst horrible and at best just OK. It was horrible ….. and even worse it was just incoherent. Nice work guys! You really drove that point home! I guess ……….

    Frank Reed’s last blog post..Interview with LinkedIn Guru Chuck Hester – Part 1

  • Ron

    “everyone talking about Microsoft”….yes, about how they have money to burn on stupid ads, but can’t yet make a web browser that works efficiently, with stability, or easily.

    My favorite (example): what happens when you go to close the browser with multiple tabs open…..your choice is to close all tabs, or cancel. HOW ABOUT just being able to close the active tab???? That is what most people are actually trying to do, but is THAT a choice? Nooooooooo!

  • Boring or brilliant?
    Boring – that money could be so much better invested

    Otooo’s last blog post..Freebies: Enter The Contest

  • I would have to say that the ad pretty much sucked. I think Microsoft has always promised the future but usually only provides headaches.

    But I love Windows XP bugs and all. Notice I didn’t say anything about Vista, I think that’s still a future promise yet to be fulfilled.

    James Mann’s last blog post..Bum Marketing In A Nutshell

  • I am totally agree with james. Too much promises from Microsoft and nothing else in return

    Ashley’s last blog post..Jingle Bell Rock Lyrics

  • absolute boring.

    horisly’s last blog post..August.2008 Sales: Mercedes Benz Down 12 Percent

  • For $300 million they could have done a lot better. I was confused with what the point of the commercial was. They just don’t make any sense and were boring as other have said. At least Jerry is making tons of money off of the deal.

    pays to live green’s last blog post..Watching Your Energy Use With P3 Kill A Watt

  • Not boring, just the stupidest commercial I’ve ever seen.

    Utah SEO Pro’s last blog post..Building an SEO Friendly Site – SES San Jose 2008 Presentation

  • Peter

    I have never liked JS that much but I must say that this commercial was totally hilarious. I hope the following ones are just as good:)

  • It made me laugh and that is something a MS commercial has never done. Well, not in a way they wanted me to laugh at least. The pic of Gates when he was like 17 was damn funny.

    Please, can Ballmer go on vacation till Windows 7 comes out? Send him to dance school and hair club for men, that should keep him busy.

    Chris Lang’s last blog post..I Submit Junk Therefore I Am?.

  • What was the message here? Extremely boring… Better luck next time….

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  • J C

    This commercial is absolutely awful. Not only is it about “nothing” and makes no reference to Windows or any other Microsoft product, it is just plain eerie and disturbing. Also, it’s a 90 second commercial! costing Microsoft a small fortune every time it airs. Yes, people are talking about it, but not in a good way, and will it lead anybody to buy Microsoft products that they wouldn’t buy anyway? NO. 300 Million down the drain, but then again, that’s nothing for Gates.

  • I loved it. Of course, I have an entire blog dedicated to shoe-related humor and trivia.

    Dave’s last blog post..“From Russia With Love,” Rosa Klebb’s Shoe Weapon

  • I have only one word for it: “meh”. An ad full of nothingness – while it certainly creates buzz, it’s buzz for the ad itself and not for the product.

    Otilia @ Ad Ops Online’s last blog post..Five Taps Brightcove to Launch Advertising-Supported Internet Video for Top News and Entertainment Web Properties

  • Saw it several more times during NFL broadcasts yesterday. This is not one that I will eventually get used to. Apple must be ROFL.

    Frank Reed’s last blog post..Interview with LinkedIn Guru Chuck Hester – Part 1

  • LOL, great stuff. Ha ha.

    House Signs’s last blog post..House Signs – Hand Painted Signs by Trudy Silcox

  • Not very well made at all. So many are mentioning that it worked because we are talking about it. I can guarantee that no one outside of the search/,marketing world is talking about it.

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Microsoft (Gates) and Jerry Seinfeld Make Confusing Commercial Together

  • Jacob

    has anyone pointed out that the pic of gates on the clown card is his mugshot? I don’t think anyone has got that joke.

  • @Jacob – nice catch!

  • Jamison Framinson

    This commercial was simply brilliant. Jerry Seinfeld is too funny. Combined with bill gates’ Oscar winning performance this commercial was worth every penny. “clothes in the shower”, i mean that is pure gold.

  • Engago Team

    Jamison Framinson: I hope you refer to the “Clothes of the King” parable?
    Where the staff of the king says the new clothes look great, except he isn’t wearing any and the people just see a naked King.

    The staff of Bill Gates should have stopped him.

    – That’s a lot of upgrades MSFT needs to sell
    – That’s enough money to get questions from MSFT share holders.

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