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If I were Martha Stewart, I might already realize that I pretty much need to monitor my reputation 24/7–actually maybe more often than that!

Well, Martha might want to check out this custom Trackur RSS news feed, we just created for her. You see, it appears that she’s crossing Google’s link-building guidelines and Michael Gray (and others) are not shy in spreading the word.

Now, here’s the thing: did Martha Stewart have any idea the hot water she was getting into? Probably not, and that’s my point. You may have a spotless reputation, but you never know when someone’s going to call you out and question your good name.

If you used Trackur–or your reputation monitoring tool of choice–you’d always know the moment someone–such as Graywolf–decided to hold you accountable for your actions.

So, Martha, drop me an email and I’ll hook you up with a free trial of Trackur–cos, girl, you need it! 😉

  • Using Trackur to monitor your reputation: “It’s a good thing.” 🙂

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  • Wow…this is not only a cool thing to have, but it is good for marketing purposes as well. This track item seems to be a good tool for making a ton of money if you ask me.

  • I just signed up for the free trial, tried it, and it worked. Nuff said.

  • I dont think Martha has much to worry about since 99% of the people that follow, watch and buy from her dont know what the hell a back link is or the ramifications of asking for one.

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  • Wow!! Thanks for heads up on Trackur. I’m downloading it now. Hope it makes me a ton of money too.


  • Everyone needs to look at their online reputation. Maybe even more importantly and business should be looking at what’s being said about their competition. What better way to figure where they are screwing up and you can move in?

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  • an interesting idea. i wonder if any big names are using it. politicians perhaps?

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  • Wow this is a cool thing to track your reputation, thanks for the heads up

  • Wanna bet that Martha Stewart could not be bothered?

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  • Spotless reputation – now THAT’S funny.

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  • Most of her visitors just typein her sites domain URL and as long as the her show is on then there will be traffic. She does not need any SE traffic at all. Not to mention 99% of her website visitors are houeswifes looking for recipes.

  • Shw doesn’t need the tool. Her site will remain popular as long as the show is on. Not to mention 99% of her site visitors are house wifes looking for recipes.