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Yahoo Adds a Soundtrack to the SERP

If you’re like me, your life pretty much has a soundtrack. (For some reason, my soundtrack plays almost exclusively in my head and consists largely of music from before I was born.) Now, the SERPs are even more like your life—Yahoo had added in-SERP full music tracks. Before, you could play only 30-second previews.

Old shortcut:

New shortcut:
yahoo music adds full tracks

You can play up to 25 of the new full-length tracks in Yahoo SERPs per month. The tracks are available through a partnership with Rhapsody, which will also provide unlimited song plays for $13/month. Yahoo says the full-length tracks will soon be available in Yahoo Music, too.

Listening to the tracks in the SERP launches Yahoo’s new media player, FoxyPlayer, at the bottom of the browser window:
foxyplayer popup on yahoo serp

The right-most panel on the FoxyPlayer rotates various options, including a display of how many song plays you have remaining for the month, options to find the video or lyrics for the song, and to learn more about the player:
options at the end of foxyplayer for yahoo

A year ago, Yahoo added video to some shortcuts in music-related searches. This appears to be the biggest change to music-related SERPs for Yahoo since then. In the intervening year, they’ve also added a shortcut for the Beatles ( :D ), while Google appears to have stopped displaying its album-cover Onebox result.

  • PS3

    Quite a novell move by Yahoo, all I need to do now is convince my works IT manager that we do need sound on our PCs !

  • Tanner (does Utah marketing)

    Interesting. Seems like Yahoo is trying some innovative things to get themselves out of the mess they’re currently in. They should keep it up IMO.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Yeah I agree…. this idea is pretty good. Yahoo needs some innovation these days.

  • sheppy

    Go yahoo… keep plugging away with new ideas and they’ll get there..! Just have to see how the new homepage is received now…

    sheppy’s last blog post..Recipes SEO – I’m stuck on final hurdle

  • Web Hosting Coupon Codes

    That is a very good idea. Too bad no one uses yahoo :)

    Web Hosting Coupon Codes’s last blog post..HostMonster Promo 2008 – Only $4.95/month

  • DennisSC

    I can remember when Yahoo! was king….JFK was in the White House and the whole country was going crazy over the hula-hoop….

    DennisSC’s last blog post..Releef: industrial design

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  • MGA

    Whatever they say, Yahoo is doing their best to increase their share. I respect them. BTW, there is only one reason why myspace is still more visited social networking site than facebook; their music applications. I hope this brings a buzz to yahoo…