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Yahoo Ditches its AMP; More APT to Go Acoustic

Back in April we reported on Yahoo’s planned AMP advertising platform. Yahoo has now officially launched the platform, but has apparently decided that “AMP” didn’t quite make the cut as a cool brand–so it’s changing the name to “APT” instead. (yeah, I don’t know either)

The official press release spares no enthusiasm:

As a Web-based solution with the potential to allow unprecedented ease of cross-selling across the largest open network of publishers, advertisers, ad networks and agencies from a single integrated interface, APT is a single platform for connected digital advertising, including ad serving, ad network and ad exchange. It is designed to streamline advertisers’ ad-buying process for multiple accounts across multiple publishers, and enable creative testing and campaign optimization. It is also intended to help advertisers precisely yet easily identify audiences through geographic, demographic and interest-based targeting while enabling publishers to better monetize their content as well as making better connections across the Web.

It will also solve global-warming, pick up milk at the grocery store, and make you look 10 years younger! ;-)

Kidding aside, Yahoo hopes APT’s open platform will be a hit among publishers and advertisers. You can decide for yourself by visiting the APT web site.