Posted October 30, 2008 10:27 am by with 5 comments

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I think the next GEICO "celebrity" TV ad should feature AOL. You know the ads I’m talking about. GEICO brings in a celebrity that once lived in the limelight but now, sadly, can’t get any better work other than co-starring with an animated gecko.

I say this because AOL has seen better days. Once the 800 gorilla of the internet, AOL has spent the last few years trying to find that one big comeback role that will revive its career.

Its latest comeback attempt is to bring social networking widgets to the AOL homepage. Over the coming weeks, AOL users (you know who you are) will soon have access to the following:

AOL’s own AIM and Bebo, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. Called "My Networks," the tabs invite members to log into their social profiles and see a limited amount of information–feed and in-box updates from Facebook and MySpace, new Twitter messages, AIM status messages, etc.–as well as links to access the full versions of the apps.

A great way to keep AOL sticky enough so that its current users don’t bail? Absolutely!

Likely to attract new users to Let’s just say that not even saving 15% on my car insurance would get me to make my homepage. 😉

What do you think?