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It would be easy for Marketing Pilgrim to post countless articles on how Barack Obama and John McCain are using online marketing to help their presidential campaigns. What’s hard is to find examples that don’t ignite a huge comment war–trust me, people can get a little heated when it comes to picking their presidential candidate.

So, hopefully this example of from Barack Obama’s campaign is safe enough:

Yep, that’s a Barack Obama presidential campaign billboard showing-up in the Xbox 360 game Burnout Paradise.

Which leads us to the big question: Is Obama for Xbox and McCain for the Playstation? 😉

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  • You are one hundred percent right. This topic, as innocuous as it seems just now, is likely to snow ball into a major war of words. I do not wish to make any comment at all! I shall of course read all the comments that are likely to flood this post.

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  • I think this is a sign that Obama has more money then they know what to do with. As for the war of the words, bring it on!

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  • Politics aside, it’s hard to argue that the Obama campaign has had a marketing equal in the primary or general elections. They appear to understand their target “customer” well, have mounted an unprecedented online effort to both raise money and create engagement (volunteerism) and have achieved a congruency between candidate (product) and campaign (marketing) that always, always creates momentum. And I’m an Arizona Republican who’s voted for McCain for the past 20+ years. Straight talk!

  • @braveheartarizona – much agreed! Agreeing with a republican? Wow, I should see a doctor.

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..I am excited about the future of the web?No, seriously, I am!

  • That’s pretty guerilla. Smart move to reach a young audience. Most of ’em not of the voting age

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  • Very funny post. XBOX 360 rules!

    I won’t comment on my pick because, like you, I want to avoid a fight. I discussed CNN being biased on my blog and I can’t even tell you how much hate email I got! 🙂

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  • beingajoe

    That is funny. Pretty cool though.

    [edited by Andy]

  • Well, I am tired myself of seeing Barrack Obama on television saying the word, “Change” every two minutes. I think it has to do with the overkill of the whole presidential election. It has turned into some kind of celebrity circus!

  • The new advertising… and see how its getting us to talk about it? Brilliant!

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  • I wonder if he’s so saturated that players might not even “see” the ad as much as simply soak it in subconciously. Wonder how many go back and see it for the first time, lol.

  • Hmmm… Xbox is Microsoft… does this mean we get to reboot and reinstall Obama when something goes wrong? I’m a PS2 many myself 😉

    After all. Aren’t we all for stability. hahahahaha…

    Fantastic marketing. But is it really hitting the right market?

  • Hahaha! Great marketing by Obama, and the Xbox vs Playstation debate over the two candidates, well… I think Obama will be on the PS2 version too. 😉

    How much do these guys pay for all their campaigns? Or are they sponsored?

  • Its really exciting. Sure it will create impact on youth.

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  • Wii hate it when no one includes us in the games 😉

  • its very good project.

  • KP

    Regardless of your choice for the next president, this is a good marketing idea. I also saw ads on xbox live NFL Madden ’09. Smart thinking.

  • Nice project, and the picture is so cool, too. By the way, I am studying as a visual communication design in Yeditepe university, too.