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Study Confirms I Can Get 50% of You to Do My Bidding!

I know a few things about you.

  • 50% of you will have your buying decision influenced by what we say at Marketing Pilgrim.
  • That increases to 56% if making a decision related to marketing products or services.
  • 25% of you trust our advertisers, simply because you trust us.
  • 38% of you will discover a new blog to read from among those we link to.

No, I’m not a psychic. I’m not even a Mentalist. Heck, I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! I did, however, read a new study from BuzzLogic and JupiterResearch on the influence of blogs.

The study reveals a lot about the influence your favorite blog plays in many of the decisions you make.

For example, the blogs you trust, help you find other blogs:

  • Links more powerful than search: For frequent readers, links beat search as a navigation tool: 38 percent said blog links were the top tool for discovering new blog content as compared to 34 percent who voted for Web search.
  • Links signal trust: For frequent readers, blog links appear to have similar impact as a trusted recommendation from a person (a response from 39 percent of survey participants).

Blogs also influence a number of your purchasing decisions:

  • Blogs influence purchases: One half (50 percent) of blog readers say they find blogs useful for purchase information.
  • Blogs sway more purchases among readers than social networks: More frequent blog readers say they trust relevant blog content for purchase decisions than content from social networking sites.
  • Niche focus ups influence factor: For those who have found blog content useful for product decisions, more than half (56 percent) said blogs with a niche focus and topical expertise were key sources.
  • Blogs go beyond tech: Outside of technology-related purchases, for which 31 percent of readers say blogs are useful, other key categories include media and entertainment (15 percent); games/toys and/or sporting goods (14 percent); travel (12 percent); automotive (11 percent); and health (10 percent).

This isn’t the first study that highlights the influence social media has on our buying decisions and trust–Radically Transparent is packed full of studies and research–but it’s still valuable information for convincing your boss to monitor what bloggers are saying about your brand (hint, hint).