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If you saw the post from the Google Analytics Blog this morning announcing the updated user interface and thought that was all they had up their sleeves—you’re wrong. The UI is just the updated wrapping to go with major upgrades coming to Google Analytics in the coming weeks. (Update: the official announcement.)

The upgrades are part of an enterprise-class bundle of features that will be available to all Google Analytics users. The new features are: custom reporting, advanced segmentation, integration with AdSense, a beta API and motion charts.

  • Custom Reporting: GA will now include the ability to create custom reports, customizing what variables you can see on the x and y axes of your graphs (as opposed to the defaults, which are almost always count on the y axis and time on the x axis). They’ll also have the ability to choose what happens when you click on the data points of the graphs (aka drill down behaviors). You’ll be able to save your custom reports and see the data over time, as well.
  • Advanced Segmentation: You’ll now have the ability to create a segment of traffic and see those people in all your reports. Say you just want to see people who visit from AdWords, or from a specific location, or a specific website, or people that visited more than 2 pages (i.e. not bounces)—you can create an advanced segment like that and see that segment in all your reports. The segment also applies to all historical data and will be visible in custom reports, too.
  • Integration with AdSense: A long-requested feature, Google Analytics will now integrate with not just AdWords (an extant feature) but also AdSense. Now you can see which pages are driving the most revenue and least revenue through AdSense. You can also determine What kind of content on your site that’s monetizing the best for you. These reports can also be broken down by geography or referring sites/sources.
  • Beta version of the API: Developers have long been creating Google Analytics apps, but they were basically hacks, since Google had no API and no support for these. Now Google will release a beta version of an API, plus support, to better help developers in extending the usefulness and capabilities of GA.

Now, if you’ve been here for a while, you probably know I’m a total data junkie. But that fact aside, this last feature might well be the coolest upgrade for GA.

  • Motion Charts: This is an advanced visualization feature that can show a graphical representation of up to four variables—plus time. As with custom reports, you can select what variables are displayed on both the x and y axes. Data points are represented by circles (“bubbles”) with the size and color of the bubble representing two more variables. Then you can also watch change over time with animations.

Okay, so I know that last description might not make a lot of sense. Luckily, Google has videos of many of the new features—and what better way to explain a visualization tool than with a video?

And here are all the new feature videos (except the API):

The upgrade launches today, but features will be added to accounts over the coming weeks. The integration with AdSense may well take the longest because Google wants to make sure they have all the resources in place to support it.

These new features are especially timely in light of the economic downturn, according to Brett Crosby, Group Manager of Google Analytics (and one of the founders of Urchin, the creators of Google Analytics’ software). With these features, he says, Google Analytics users will be able to “go with what works, find new ways to drive revenue, find segments working for them and invest there to increase their conversions.”

Which of the new features do you think you’ll be using the most?

  • Content Writers Needed- $250/hr

    Well, I don’t even want to hear the word Google Adsense. But, many people claim to have made money with it, so I guess. Besides, Google is always making upgrades.

  • Joe Hall

    I think I might be one of the few folks that actually doesn’t like Google Analytics. Its really not surprising that they are integrating AdSense, I mean wasn’t that their original intent for years??

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Social Media Search Tools

  • Louis-Dominic Parizeau

    The advanced segmentation, custom reporting and API are all three killer features. I would have been excited with the announcement of only one of those three! The only feature I’m now missing is MSN and Yahoo PPC cost integration… (I know… it’s never going to happen…)

    Louis-Dominic Parizeau’s last blog post..Clavarder avec la présidente de Desjardins ou lorsque le Web contribue à la culture d?entreprise

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  • Linda Bustos

    For conversion optimization, Segmentation for sure. For PPC optimization/budget/spend/keyword intelligence – Motion Graphics :)

    Linda Bustos’s last blog post..New Google Analytics Segmentation Feature Rocks for Ecommerce

  • SoLinkable

    There is no question that the best addition will be the integration with adsense. I can’t wait for that one…

    SoLinkable’s last blog post..Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth

  • Hamish Gilbertson

    Over the last couple of years I have worked with all the major analytics solutions.

    And I am a big Google Analytics fan — so many of the big enterprise solutions are guilty of what Avinash Kaushik calls (even before he was in Google’s employ) “puking data out”.

    But I have often been frustrated by the effort required to follow the performance of a particular segment through GA. So great to see improved segmentation as an enhancement of what is a very usable way to monitor site performance.

    Hamish Gilbertson’s last blog post..Article Marketing: A Question of Value

  • Lance Jepsen Author of Internet Marketing

    Fantastic article, thank you! The integration with Adsense is going to be great. I wonder if with such integration, blogs are going to filter out lower paying adds and only allow Google ads to appear that 1) Pay the most, and 2) Are actually clicked on the most from their blog. So basically, you will be able to split test which Google ads generate the most money for you, and exclude the ones that do not. LOL, not sure if Google really wants that, but you know us marketers are going to try and exploit the system to be able to do just that. 😉

  • Busby SEO

    I know what I’ll be doing this night 😀

    Busby SEO’s last blog post..By: Darojatun

  • Kok Choon

    Google done it again, the analytic has grown even more powerful!

    One thing Google continuously doing is: Keep improving the Internet experience of all users, they truly are contributing a lot!

    Kok Choon’s last blog post..Think You Already Know How to Do Keyword Research ? Think Again !

  • Christopher Ross

    I’m a huge fan of Analytics! Thanks for posting the video here, it’ll help me prepare some of my clients for the upgrades.

    Christopher Ross’s last blog post..Google’s Webmaster Tricks and Treats

  • Utah SEO Pro

    These segmentation features are really breakthrough. Im really excited for this stuff.

    Utah SEO Pro’s last blog post..Link Metrics for SEO

  • Kurt

    that’s why I love google, always keep the users’ need in mind and always updating with useful features, thanks for keeping me updated :)

    Kurt’s last blog post..My Twitter Strategy-My Approach to use Twitter Effectively as a Marketing Tool

  • Secured Homeowner Loan

    I think Google is definatly the most influential company over the internet now. Even more so that microsoft.

  • Localuri

    I use and love analytics and the segmentation is great. Thanks for this video

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  • PS3

    Certainly a much cleaner, crisper look to it. I have not got into the detail but looking good so far.

  • Downloadic

    Wow, I didn’t catch this. Thanks for letting us know. Looks much better than the Urchin days.

  • iPwner

    These are some great updates and I really can’t wait to see them. I think we check our stats too much! :p

    iPwner’s last blog post..Week 9 NFL Power Rankings Titans Undefeated!

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