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There’s a lot of talk about the rising price of oil and both Presidential candidates have faced tough questions about their stance on everything from tax-breaks to windfall taxes.

After some investigative reporting, Marketing Pilgrim has dug deep to find out just who’s taking money from "Big Oil."

As far as online advertising goes, that’s either very creative or very dumb. You decide! 😉

  • The oil folks aren’t stupid, they understand that in order to continue their little “hay day” they have to spread their money into every facet of political dialogue. Hmmmmm…..

    Does anyone wanna join me in starting a niche social networking site for those that love oil?? PetroSpace – I can see the $$ already!

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  • PetroSpace? LOL not sure I could afford to join it.

  • lol… thats ‘creative’.

  • Big Oil will always prevail in politics.

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  • They will always be in politics its a big part of it

  • `:D this sounds strange to me…

  • Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and Politcs (of course)are irrevocably linked. Breaking this relationship will be easier said than done!

  • PS3

    What about Big American Tobacco (BAT)!

  • I don’t think you could say that these guys are dumb– maybe the politicians that support them, but hey– they get rich too.

  • I think it is Big Oil.

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  • Until we stop using it they will always be there. Like anything else in the free market if there is demand than there is the opportunity to sell it. With oil being a core element of nearly everything we do we either figure out ways to not use or just continue to go about our business knowing that it exists and is big. I have NO money in anything oil related but I don’t begrudge those who do. It’s about opportunity and in this day and age oil rules. Maybe in 100 years our kids’ kids will be telling their kids about the evils of “big fuel cell companies”.

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  • I think it’s very creative to do this. All of us will are happy with it. 😉

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  • who cares who is taking money from big oil. As long as we get away from the middle east. We need to start offshore drilling in the u.s.

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