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Google’s been using plusboxes in its organic results for quite some time now, but only in the last few months have we begun seeing those in paid results as well. Back in March, we first started spotting video ads in similar Google AdWords plusboxes, and now Google’s added expanded product results with images:

Notice here that the opened plusbox actually consumes the entire window (and for specs’ sake, this is on 1280×800, Firefox with four menu bars (menu, address, links and tabs) and the find bar open).

Steve Rubel also spotted these in the sidebar ads, which are a bit more convenient (read: not blocking organic results) than the top ads:

So far, Bluenile is the only merchant I’ve seen with these expanded ads. Can you find anyone else?

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  • jamie

    An associate of mine also saw this for for the term jewelry. Does anyone know how this is being populated?

  • Jordan McCollum

    Good question. I guess Google Base would be an outside possibility?

  • jamie

    Yes, I think definitely from Google Base. Unsure how you can join this program though, it may be invitation only.

  • I try to search jewelry, but I found nothing like that. Might be next day, it will be more advertiser like that

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  • excelente post thanx

  • Thanks for your article

  • Ok now I want to get married from the sight of those beautiful rings. MAy be I should pop the question… Hmmm…

  • Google’s been experimenting out a lot with their search engine lately. That’s good because they need to test these things out and find better solutions.

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  • I’ve just tried searching for all kinds of jewelry related things but no success on getting something like this on the results.
    Most likely Google is still testing them and will be adding them sooner or later.

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  • google is aways changing….

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