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Free Online Marketing Workshop Will Help You Prepare for a Tough Holiday Season

I’m not quite sure how MarketingExperiments is able to do this, but it’s offering a FREE online workshop designed to help marketers prepare for the holiday season–while the economy is less then buoyant.

Here’s what it’s offering:

…a special, 2-hour virtual clinic on optimizing ecommerce for the holidays, with an emphasis on powerful strategies you can start implementing right away. Join the MarketingExperiments team as we introduce our “Ecommerce Holiday Playbook” – a series of action steps to help you prepare for this crucial season. Then, we’ll show you how to apply these ideas with a rapid-fire live optimization session featuring participants’ ecommerce websites.

Throughout this special clinic, our team of researchers will also be online to answer your specific ecommerce optimization questions.

That price again? Free!

If a gas station offered a free tank of gas, you’d likely sit in line for hours, just to get $60 worth of premium. Get hundreds of dollars of free marketing advice, all from the comfort of your desktop!