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Either the analysts are wrong about the declining trends for display ads, or Google knows something they don’t know. Today, Google launches its AdWords display ad builder, making it idiot-proof to build you own banner ads and share them across the Google network.

The new tool lets you create customized display ads with your own text, images, and logo. You can also change colors and backgrounds. Google will even take the ad you built and automatically create ads in different sizes! You won’t necessarily have the snazziest display ads in the neighborhood, but you’ll get to play.

Google has put together a quick video of its new ad builder:

  • This is a very interesting development, worth exploring. Thank you.

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  • Looks like it’ll be a handy tool…maybe.

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  • PS3

    I wasn’t keen when I first heard the idea because I have never been a whiz at graphics or videos. This handy tool will make a huge difference – for once I find myself thanking the big G 🙂

  • That actually looks really cool. I hate to admit Google may have done it again. Now, as for trends … I’m not sure because lately I’ve seen a lot of banner ads appearing across the network the week.

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  • it’ll be a handy tool, wish its Cheesy.

  • Great tools from Google and very interesting development

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  • I’m not sure if G knows something we don’t or are just removing an obstacle to those that would pay for the ads regardless of performance. One of the costs or limitations is the ability to design a good ad, by providing those services for free they should theoretically increase revenue.

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  • I’ve seen these ads and it would be interesting to see how they perform.

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  • Amy

    Google is a strange beast. I used to have adwords but never made much from them!

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  • Does anyone get what Andy is saying here?

    The analysts are saying that the trend is moving away from Display ads but now Google goes against the trend and releases their own version, which seems dumb.

    Think, when was the last time you clicked on a display ad?

    When was the last time you clicked on a text ad (Adsense, or Sponsored Links, or Google Ads)?

    We read text very quickly and display ads require more comprehension or deciphering, so my advice here is to take advantage of the “Extra Space” display ad and make it like a supersize text ad.

    This may sound strange coming from a Graphic Designer that I am but hey, what other reason could there be for people snubbing those in your face flashing, hovering tiles when you are trying to read the news etc?



  • I’ve noticed ads being disguised in an attempt to make people click them.

    The ones that I’ve noticed on Facebook use the same font and icons in order to trick the viewer into thinking it’s part of the overall site!

  • Will

    i cant decide if I should use adwords