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As Andy mentioned this morning, the G1 Gphone sold out, but for a lot more units than we initially thought. Instead of half a million this quarter, apparently, they sold 1.5M in the presell alone. Previous reports said that the order from the manufacturer, HTC, was for 1.5 to 2 million phones. The G1s are slated to arrive next Wednesday.

Of course, the G1 isn’t the only way Google is taking over your phones. They’re also gearing up ads specifically for the iPhone, according to AdWeek. Yep, soon, all your phone be belong to Google (see, I had to say “be” because it’s not present tense, it’s future tense).

The new iPhone ads will be AdSense ads targeted specifically to searches made from iPhones. Google had not yet confirmed the change, but AdWeek says the change will be implemented soon:

Advertisers will be able to create an iPhone ad group as part of their regular search campaign. . . .

The new option would in essence build a bridge between repurposing Internet ads for a mobile experience and creating a parallel structure for it.

AdWeek also gives an example of possible implementation:

American Airlines could use the new Google option to change a search ad from a call to action to click to one driving a phone call to reservations. Or the ad could highlight the airline’s iPhone-optimized site for booking flights.

Google already has mobile-specific search advertising and click-to-call, but the iPhone uses the “regular” Internet (unless sites have specified an iPhone-specific site) so the new options will enhance SERP ads for iPhone users. Both JumpTap and AdMob have premiered ad networks specifically for iPhones and application providers.

What do you think—will you be advertising on the iPhone?

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  • Thanks for this Jordan, I’m a little disappointed to see the iPhone ads won’t use the built in GPS system.

    Christopher Ross’s last blog post..When will Google use the iPhone’s GPS for AdSense?

  • Jordan McCollum

    Don’t give up hope yet—since Google hasn’t confirmed this, that may yet be part of the system. If it comes out at all.

  • PS3

    Am I missing something Christopher/Jordan, why would you want ads to use the GPS function?

  • What a surprise. Smart move for Google though.

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  • Jordan McCollum

    @PS3—For geotargeting; mobile searches are quite likely to be searches for local businesses.

  • Google does it again. There’s no stopping this Google force, Lol. It’s pretty a smart move for Google though, another way of having control (“owning”) the market. 😉

  • Once again Google is doing its best to wrangle its way into a new market. They will soon have a monopoly over the Internet in the same way Microsoft has a monopoly over operating systems.

    Thing is because its Google people seem to just accept it as they are rather cool…

    Media Training’s last blog post..No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

  • Nice news Jordan. Adsense is the best…

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